Saturday, January 8, 2022


As you know, I currently cannot use my right hand and I'm told the nerves will take time to work again. But this is scary, to say the least, as there are no guarantees in this life. So I have to depend on prayer, as I always do. It's the only thing that works. Today this is my prayer.

By Pat Severin

Each day I find to ease my mind, I make my way to You,
For that is where your loving care will be to see me through.

This life, this time is such that I’m afraid of what will come,
And will this be restricting me? Will I be rescued from...

The lack of use?  Is this my truth? I pray, it will not be!
I’ve much to do, I’m begging you, l pray, please hear my plea.

The world of modern medicine can do such wondrous things,
But without You, they’re nothing, Lord, it’s You who pulls the strings.

You are the God of miracles and so I’m asking You
Grant me the use of my right hand where Jesus stands to do

All that you ask for every task, whatever it may be.
I know you’re there and that you care what happens, Lord to me.

Whatever’s best is my request, I know you will prevails.
Right from the start, I’ll do my part and all that it entails.

And so I’ll close, for I’ve exposed my heart’s desire today.
Send change to show so I will know that hope is on the way. 


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