Friday, January 7, 2022


My recent surgery left me with what I hope is the temporary use of my right hand so, I won't be writing much. I will tell you that an online magazine has published the first two Christmas Poems that I posted in my blog December 16th. I'm thrilled that now I can say I'm a published poet!

Here's one I wrote today.


We think we’ve got it figured out,
This thing that we call life.
But God is laughing to Himself,
“My children, life is rife…

With many possibilities,
And I’m the one who knows…
Just what direction it will take
The way it all will go.

Come to me, child, and l will help,
You don’t know what’s in store.
The future may bring many things,
I couldn’t love you more.

Because I do, I’m here for you,
You cannot orchestrate
Just what will be, that’s up to me,
You cannot deviate…

From what I’ve planned, it’s in my hand,
Your future’s mine, you see.
So take my hand, we’ll face it all,
Whatever it may be.”

But we are slow to “get it” and...
We wait until we’re spent.
And covered in life’s battle scars,
We hopelessly lament,

“Dear God, please help to get through,
Please help me understand
Why this is happening to me.
My life’s not how I planned.

And His response is what it's been,
“I’m here for you, my child.
Come to me first, don’t wait until
The storms of life get wild.

I’ll help you then, as I do now.
You only need to pray.
I’m here for you, I’ll see you through.
I am the Light, the Way." 


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