Wednesday, January 26, 2022


It's been a while since I've posted but working at a keyboard is much more difficult when you're typing with one finger. Could be 3 - 18 months till the nerve regenerates and my hand comes back. But tonight I was feeling a bit melancholy and harkened back to childhood memories and wrote this in about 10 mins before supper.

BY Pat Severin

Remember sledding down a hill
When you were just a kid,
That whoosh of snow as you took off
You feel it? Well, I did.

The first time you weren't sure about
Positioning just right.
You had to sit there squarely
Or fall and take a bite…

Of all that snow and worried that
The other kids would laugh,
Believing, if that happened,
It would be your epitaph.

But worrying about that stuff,
It wasn’t worth the bother.
In fact, sometimes you’d much prefer
Just going with your father.

But either way, that sledding
Was such fun, you couldn’t wait…
To leave your bed and get your sled
And rush right through the gate…

A 'Snow Day'! Off to Wilson’s Hill, 
The powder, newly fallen!
Remember when you reached the top?
The elements were callin’!

You’d rush to be the first one there,
No other kids, just you.
Those days were awfully precious…
    Just too bad ‘twas such a few. 


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