Thursday, January 27, 2022


I found myself letting this all get to me yesterday, getting discouraged and, worst of all doubting. So, you know that old adage, "Physician, heal thyself?" Well, I can't do that, but God can and I thought to myself, I've made it my mission to write poems to others who needed to be reminded about God's power, poems of encouragement. Maybe it's time I wrote one for myself, and here it is.


Pat Severin

When life throws you a “curveball,” and you can’t understand…
Why you can’t fix it, make it end, there isn’t any plan…
That you can set in place to change the outcome that’s before you,
And all the experts offer is, “Be patient, we implore you!”

You realize that patience for this patient’s not your style,
That you’re no good at waiting and not doing for a while.
You’ve been the one who thought they lived believing God’s the one…
Who’s in control and trusting him from morn to setting sun.

But now you’re being tested to behave the way you’ve preached,
And finding that to do it means you’ve surely got to reach...
Inside your faith and realize it’s harder when it’s you.
Accept your power’s nothing, only God can get you through.

And after you’re done crying, then you also have to face
How fortunate you’ve been thus far, it’d be a real disgrace…
To take it all for granted, all these blessings you’ve amassed,
When your “curveball” is something that’s for God’s a simple task!

So pray and pray that it’s His will that you will heal to be…
The woman who can write her name, who’s fin’lly lived to see…
That faith and trust are what we must rely on in this life.
God’s power and might can win this fight, cut through it like a knife! 

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