Thursday, December 16, 2021


There are so many times when problems arise that I dig in and try to solve them by myself.  I tell myself, "I'm a capable person, I should be able to figure this out!" And then I realize that all I've been doing is spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Why? Because I didn't bring it to God in the first place, "duh!" We humans are so ridiculous. God is there and we think of that second or third or fifth instead of bringing our worries to Him in the first place.

By Pat Severin

When I am feeling weary with worries on my mind
And wish I had the answers, I often try to find…
My own way to solutions, I’m sure that they will come,
But I’m a fool, because I know for answers there is one…

One source that I can go to, one source where care is found,
One source where love’s abundant, the best source that’s around.
That source? It is my Father, who’ll help me when I ask
For His assistance, for His help, He’s up for any task.

And yet I never choose Him first until I’m really spent.
That is my own “duh” moment and that’s when I relent.
But still, my God is willing, He’s there to hear my plea,
He knows I’ve done it once again, and yet He’s there for me.

His love and patience aren’t changed because I’ve waited to…
Come to His throne, I am His own, and says, “I’m here for you.”
That’s love that’s unconditional, it’s there, no matter what,
His door is always open and I’ll never find it shut.

So take advice from one who knows, don’t wait to come to Him.
His light of love is always on and it will never dim.
Don’t think your worry’s way too small, He’s busy, He’ll dismiss it.
That’s not the case, He’s there for you, He’s waiting for your visit. 

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