Monday, November 1, 2021


By Pat Severin
“I am your humble servant, Lord, and this I need to know,
What is the most important thing so that my faith will grow?”
So Jesus answered simply, “Just love God with all your heart,
With everything you have, Dear One, completely, not just part.”
“And is there something else, Lord, that you want me to do?”
Christ said, “To love your neighbor fully and as much as you love you.
For love is what’s important, it’s above all other things,
For God is love and loving us is how the Savior brings…
Salvation and eternal life, though it was not deserved.
While we were yet so sinful, Jesus' death made heaven assured…
So that the ones who do believe, those baptized in His name,
May love the way that He loved us, our fellow man the same.
“To love as well as show love, is that the answer, Lord?
But there are many kinds of love, how should my love be poured?
You said to love as God loved us, but tell me more of that.
Describe the ways we are to love and try to be exact.
“The Bible gives examples of the way love can be shown
And then with this assistance will that love be truly known.
Love shows when we are patient, when our kindness rules the day,
When we are never boastful, or are rude to get our way.
But only God can truly show a love that’s unconditional.
You can attempt this kind of love but often it’s provisional.
Still give your heart and honestly to love the best you can
For all will see your Father when you love your fellow man.”

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