Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 As hard as it is for me the admit, we'll soon be in the throes of winter.  I really hate to see this season come to a close as the reality that is winter is upon us. Saturday night we turn the clock back and time is what it is when it's accurate, darn!  And so it goes, cold and wind and snow.  


By Pat Severin

Sweet Autumn’s left me so bereft.
It's coming to an end.
I can’t but mourn and feel forlorn.         
I’ve lost my dear fall friend.

This is the season I love best;
It’s over way too soon.
As colors fade, wish I had made
A personal cocoon...

To keep me warm and cozy here
So I might now withstand...
Cold winds that howl at which I growl
With freezing feet and hands.

If that were not enough for me,
We soon will lose an hour.
No daylight saved, for light now fades
And I am left to cower...

Beneath my blanket, wrapped up tight.
Must I come up for air?
I’d rather not, for here’s my spo,t
All winter I’ll be there. 

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