Tuesday, November 30, 2021


This was written not for a particular person or circumstance but as a prayer for anyone who's dealing with bad news and may be experiencing nights of tossing and turning with worry. So often we think we can handle it ourselves but, of course, the answer to those worries is simple, as it always is, give them to God.

By Pat Severin

Oh, Lord above, please hear my plea,
    there’s something that's been troubling me.
I cannot put it into words,
    I’m overwhelmed with these concerns…
So sad and worried with the news,
    it’s not the outcome I would choose.
This happens to the ones who cry
    before they’ve taken time to try.
I’ve tried so hard to deal with this,
  I’m feeling weightless, all adrift.
I know I should have come to you
    when I first heard the awful news,
But I, like many, wasted time
    forgetting that you know that I’m…
So confident that I will find…
    the formula for peace of mind…
When all along I should have prayed.
    admittedly I’ve just delayed
What should, for me, be second nature,
    but this time Lord, it’s something major.
Dear God, I know it’s not too late
    For you to help me navigate
What’s so unknown to me today.
    I’ve finally come to you and pray
For strength and understanding, too, 
    I know that I can count on You. 

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