Tuesday, November 30, 2021


This was written not for a particular person or circumstance but as a prayer for anyone who's dealing with bad news and may be experiencing nights of tossing and turning with worry. So often we think we can handle it ourselves but, of course, the answer to those worries is simple, as it always is, give them to God.

By Pat Severin

Oh, Lord above, please hear my plea,
    there’s something that's been troubling me.
I cannot put it into words,
    I’m overwhelmed with these concerns…
And sad and worried with the news,
    it’s not the outcome I would choose.
This happens to the ones who cry
    before they’ve taken time to try.
I’ve tried so hard to deal with this,
  I’m feeling weightless, all adrift.
I know I should have come to you
    when I first heard the awful news,
But I, like many, wasted time
    forgetting that you know that I’m…
So confident that I will find…
    the formula for peace of mind…
When all along I should have prayed.
    admittedly I’ve just delayed
What should, for me, be second nature,
    but this time Lord, it’s something major.
Dear God, I know it’s not too late
    For you to help me navigate
What’s so unknown to me today.
    I’ve finally come to you and pray
For strength and understanding, too, 
    I know that I can count on You. 

Friday, November 5, 2021


“For the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory." Deuteronomy 20:4
By Pat Severin
This life we live is riddled with what we consider worries
That sometimes come infrequently but often come in flurries
Of things we never would expect, the worst kind of surprises.
We’re unprepared, why aren’t we spared, are these what God devises...
To keep us on our toes and see just how will we respond?
Will we first try to handle it, while we should seek His bond…
And bring our worries and our cares and lay them at His feet.
Why is it after all this time we give God a backseat?
We should have learned that Jesus earned the grace that makes a path
Straight to the Father’s open-door no longer to find wrath.
Instead, we find His loving arms and better yet relief
From all our worries and our fears, He only asks belief…
That He is there, our Lord and God with all His power and might
To fight against our enemies of sorrow, worry, fright.
And since He is, we know that He will win the victory…
Against the unexpected things that plague us so we see…
That He is who we go to first, not let those worries fester,
But rather count on Him who says He’s always our protector.
He cannot wave a magic wand, make problems disappear,
But He can hold us close to Him, give comfort when He’s near.
Believe the words He tells us all, cast all your cares on Him.
And all your worries will be fought, His power will not dim.
He loves and wants the best for you, there’s nothing He can’t do,
So bring your worries & your fears and He will see you through! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 As hard as it is for me the admit, we'll soon be in the throes of winter.  I really hate to see this season come to a close as the reality that is winter is upon us. Saturday night we turn the clock back and time is what it is when it's accurate, darn!  And so it goes, cold and wind and snow.  


By Pat Severin

Sweet Autumn’s left me so bereft.
It's coming to an end.
I can’t but mourn and feel forlorn.         
I’ve lost my dear fall friend.

This is the season I love best;
It’s over way too soon.
As colors fade, wish I had made
A personal cocoon...

To keep me warm and cozy here
So I might now withstand...
Cold winds that howl at which I growl
With freezing feet and hands.

If that were not enough for me,
We soon will lose an hour.
No daylight saved, for light now fades
And I am left to cower...

Beneath my blanket, wrapped up tight.
Must I come up for air?
I’d rather not, for here’s my spo,t
All winter I’ll be there. 

Monday, November 1, 2021


By Pat Severin
“I am your humble servant, Lord, and this I need to know,
What is the most important thing so that my faith will grow?”
So Jesus answered simply, “Love God with all your heart,
With everything you have, Dear One, completely, not just part.”
“And is there something else, Lord, that you want me to do?”
Christ said, “To love your neighbor as much as you love you.
For love is what’s important, it’s above all other things,
For God is love and loving us is how the Savior brings…
Salvation and eternal life, though it was not deserved.
While we were yet so sinful, Christ’s death made heaven assured…
So that the ones who do believe, those baptized in His name,
May love the way that He loved us, our fellow man the same.
“To love as well as show love, is that the answer, Lord?
But there are many kinds of love, how should my love be poured?
You said to love as God loved us, but tell me more of that.
Describe the ways we are to love and try to be exact.
“The Bible gives examples of how love can be shown
And then with this assistance will love be truly known.
Love shows when we are patient, when kindness rules the day,
When we are never boastful, aren’t rude to get our way.
But only God can truly show a love that’s unconditional.
You can attempt this kind of love but often it’s provisional.
Still give your heart and honestly to love the best you can
For all will see your Father when you love your fellow man.”