Wednesday, October 20, 2021


The short answer is, NOTHING! But as we older folks know, it can be part of the aging process for some of us. A friend from college recently shared that her husband was going to have one and so I decided to commemorate that wonderful event with a laugh and a card with a poem.

By Pat

Don't you just love it, the “getting old” game?
If someone had warned you, you’d think them insane!
They’d say, “Listen, Buster, your body will fail,
Encumbered, restricted, it's like you’re in jail!”

First, aching joints, then your back then your KNEE,
You want to keep moving? A “new” knee’s the key!
And as the years go, so do inside parts
Like gall bladders and spleens and even some hearts.

But, listen, don't worry, we all know the score,
You have lots of friends who have passed through that door.
Age, well, it happens, we're all in that club.
Though we’ve lots of members, there’s never a sub...

Who's willing to step in and then take your place.
They’re in the same boat wishing they could erase ...
A similar problem that’s worse than your own.
They’re having some “tests” and they want to go home.

The picture I paint may sound like a downer,
But you know me, don't you, I'm sort of a clown-er!
If you’ve gone this long with no knee replacement,
You’ve beaten the odds, I say in amazement!

I’ve had both mine done, (hope I don't outlive them)
And if they wear out, l'll never forgive them!
I hope that this poem has brought you a laugh.
I suppose that will be ol’ Pat’s epitaph!

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