Saturday, October 23, 2021


The Teen Curriculum we a using this year is one that shows what God wants of us in living a Christian Life.  Our first unit is on Gratitude a concept that shouldn't be too difficult to understand except when the Bible says we should be grateful in ALL circumstances. Now that's a challenge! But this is the newest poem that hopefully makes such a concept a bit more clear.

By Pat Severin

It’s easy to show gratitude when good things come your way,
But it is far more challenging when having a bad day.
And yet the Bible tells us that in every circumstance,
God wants us to give gratitude more than a passing glance.

You’ve got to understand that God does not make bad things happen.
When things go wrong, it’s not His fault, we better reexamine...
That problem, that catastrophe, or troubles there may be
The blame should not be put upon the One who calmed the sea...

When really where it came from, is not the thing that counts.
But coming with an open heart now, dear one, that amounts...
To gratitude because you know your God is always there.
He’s ready, willing, able and He hears our every prayer.

So when your heart is heavy with the problems on your mind,
Be grateful for the God who says, “I’ll listen and you’ll find...
That I am here to counsel you, those worries bring to me,
And I will help you through it all, just talk to me, you’ll see.”

When things go wrong and you are lost, you’re not there on your own.
Your Father, God, is telling you, "Come to my heavenly throne...
Bring your concerns and all your cares, and lay them here before me
For when you come, all you must say is simply, “Lord, restore me.”

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