Tuesday, October 19, 2021


By Pat Severin
When life hands you a lemon, they say, make lemonade.
How simple that expression is, so you don’t feel afraid.
Instead, you take just what you get and find the good within it.
And if you do, you have the chance of taking every minute…
And facing it successfully, your attitude’s the best,
You’re on your way, you’ve earned each day an “A” on every test.
That sounds as if each battle’s won and you don’t have a worry,
And more than that, you just can’t wait, in fact, you’re in a hurry…
To face your world of challenges with pure determination!
You’ve got it licked, each goal is kicked, you’ll pass each situation…
With flying colors, you’re the MAN, look out world here you come.
No matter what is thrown your way, it’s always a homerun!
Well, wouldn’t that be wonderful if it were always true,
That you could handle everything that life can throw at you?
But we know, in reality, life’s struggles are just that
And there is only one way we can handle life’s attacks.
We bring them to our Father and lay them at His feet,
For we should know that we can go to Him with each entreat.
He doesn’t wave a magic wand and instantly erase them,
But He can give us strength to meet and even to embrace them.
So come to Him with every care, your struggles large and small,
And He’ll address our every mess and He’ll assuage them all.
Solutions aren’t as simple as from lemons, lemonade,
But resolutions can be found when we have truly prayed.

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