Monday, October 4, 2021


Most of you know that my favorite time of year is Autumn.  I was born in October but that really had nothing to do with my love the Fall.  It's just so beautiful, this wondrous time of year, the colors, the cooler temps, the seasonal change.  So it was all of those things that inspired me to write a brand-new poem this morning and here is the result.


By Pat Severin

The seasons change and so we see the beauty of His hand,
The changing trees, the falling leaves, ’tis Autumn in the land.
Oh, who could doubt the Master's touch observing all this splendor?
I see Him in each one of these and I can but surrender...

To the Creator of it all, the one who gives me grace
By sacrificing His own Son who suffered in my place.
Did I deserve the love He gave performing such an act?
No, not at all, though try I may, such power do l lack.

For I am but a human being a soul who God created.
Though I may be the Master's child and we might be related,
I am a sinner, that I am, who never could achieve...
A heart that's pure, God is the cure, and that you must believe.

So as you see and soak it in, the beauty that is Fall,
Make sure you thank the Lord above, Creator of it all,
For He alone can paint the leaves and bless the harvest’s plenty
And realize without His grace your soul would come up empty.

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