Tuesday, October 19, 2021


By Pat Severin
This summer’s warm temps kept Autumn at bay
And then when it came, it seemed like a day.
No gradual cool or leaves rustic tones.
There just wasn’t time for the creaks and the moans…
That seasons require when one of them quits.
No, there wasn’t time, yes, that, that was it.
I wasn’t provided my usual ease…
To adjust to the change, no slow cooling breeze
That signaled to me truly Autumn was here,
So how could I handle it, this time of year?
When Summer was gone, the cool had arrived
There was no impression that Autumn had strived…
To really prepare me, for Winter’s cold snap,
So I could determine, it’s time that I wrap…
Myself in a blanket with tea in one hand
And whisper, “It’s time that the world understand…
That I am retired, no reason to be…
Concerned for tomorrow, for now I can see…
That I must relax, I need not address…
A problem, decision, a small kitchen mess.
There’s nothing that I need to handle today,
I’m warm and I’m free, in an unfettered way.

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