Thursday, October 7, 2021



By Pat Severin

These Autumn days I can’t but praise this wondrous time of year
I see the beauty of His hand for everywhere He’s here...
In colors yellow, orange and red and Autumn’s fragrant sweet.
The Apples at this time of year, a luscious Autumn treat!

We mourn the loss of Summer days, the buds emerging there.
Of course, we loved those days we spent without a coat or care,
But Autumn shows the cycle of the life that Spring began
As Summer’s blossoms go to sleep, Spring’s buds will come again.

But it’s short-lived, this glorious time, soon chilled right to the core.
So bundle we, as snow we see, and yearn for Spring once more,
Anticipating it again and wishing for a change...
Of warmer rays and summer days when we can rearrange...

The flower pots, the trailing vines, the Welcome flag’s unfurled,
And kids again can play outside, there’s sunshine in the world,
As Moms and Dads grill out again, and say, “This time’s the best!
Our lives have been again renewed, that Winter was a test...

A test of our endurance of the cold, the snow and ice,
But we were able to survive and Winter was the price!”
Yes, this is just the way it is, accept what season’s bring
Until the Master warms His breath and aids the buds of Spring.

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