Friday, September 3, 2021



By Patty Lynn

I guess it’s now a waiting game, there’s much that you have done,

I pray you’re giving it to God, that must be number one.

But that is only part of it, your psyche has to work...

Believing this will turn out right, from that you cannot shirk.


Oh, you could justify your doubts and add some good excuses,

But all in all you’d soon find out, what really is the use of…

That worrying and fretting, the “what if-ing things to death.

It truly serves no purpose and it’s simply wasted breath.


So best to set those thoughts aside, God knows the final outcome.

Just pray that you will conquer this and walk in freedom’s sun.

And so the fight to beat this thing continues, yes, it does.

Survival is the ultimate, the goal for you because...


We want to have you in our lives and you in ours, it’s true,

We think the world’s a better place, and it’s because of you.

There’s no one you has given more and yet has more to give...

For fighting this and what it takes, yes, fighting hard to live.


Your battle is continuing and I’m all-in with you,

Invested in what lies ahead and daily praying, too,

That God will strengthen you to fight to keep on keeping on.

Whate’er you face, God give His grace, until this battle’s won. 

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