Friday, September 17, 2021



By Pat Severin

I’m sure when you’ve found clarity, when it has finally come,

You’ve said the light, indeed, has dawned and you can proceed from…

The point which had confused you, the way is clear at last

And you can leave it all behind, that point is in the past.


But have you ever looked at LIGHT, the light that made things clear

And even made connection to God’s Word, because it’s here?

It says He’s called us out of dark, His Light will light our path.

So when your life is fraught with doubt, He’s there on your behalf.


There may be times when things seem dark but God has pledged to you,

Whatever may be on your mind, He’ll always see you through.

Don’t be content to figure out your problems when they come,

Go to Him first, He’s in control, for Light, He is the One.


That’s what He meant when He explained that He is your pure Light.

Why stumble in the darkness then, His clarity is bright?

Our lives are full of days when we are faced with doubts and fear.

So take Him at His Word and know, the Light will make it clear.

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