Thursday, August 19, 2021



By Pat Severin 

If there was something I could do, if I could make it better.
Yes, if I could, you know I would, and hope that I could tether...
The worried thoughts, confusing parts you’re dealing with each day,
But how could I relieve your stress, I wish I knew a way.

All this is hard to understand, accept it...that's too much.
We’re human beings and O, such things, we’d never think would touch...
Our lives like this, we would dismiss, for this thing, it completely...
Took you by storm, it didn’t warn, the whole thing, it was sneaky.

But this is your reality, though I wish that it wasn’t,
And that it all would go away, I pray it would and doesn’t...
Invade your life, cut like a knife, that you’d from this awaken...
And in your NEW reality you’d say, “They were mistaken!”

Guess that’s enough of wishful thoughts, your fight is real and true
But though I can’t remove it, dear, I can give this to you:
The Love of your Dear Father God and tell you He is there...
To give you strength, the breadth and length of all you have to bear.

But this is how it comes to you, you must give something, too.
If you give everything to Him, His mercy comes to you.
I can assure you that He will, accept His comfort, care
In every need, your call He’ll heed, for His is always there.

I know it’s hard, this giving up yourself in sweet surrender,
But that is how, in giving up, He’ll show His mercy tender.
This simple poem I give you and it’s all that I can do
And pray for everything you need, I want the best for you.

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