Tuesday, August 3, 2021


I'm sure you all know by now that I've been sending poems of encouragement to someone who's dealing with an incurable cancer. I mail them every week. usually on Friday so that he has it on the weekend.  The poem below will go out on Friday.  


By Pat Severin

From that moment you were told
That you indeed have cancer,
I'm sure you wondered why it was,
And wished you had an answer
Of why this happened, and to you,
A young man with no history,
No reason you could ever find,
To you it was a mystery.

But God was there, He heard your heart,
He knew you wondered why,
For after all, He’s in control.
You didn’t want to die.
You said, Dear God, remove this curse;
I’m only in my thirties.
What lies ahead, will I be fraught...
With sadness, heartaches, worries?

That answer you will never find.
The future isn’t known,
At least to us, we cannot see...
Because we’re never shown.
Our lives are held within His hand;
He guides our every minute.
So live each day as if your last;
Be sure to keep Him in it.
For from the moment we are born
Your days were His design.
So long or short, you’re guided by
The hand of the Divine. 

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