Friday, July 23, 2021


Tonight I'll share the latest poem sent in a card.

By Pat Severin

Forever and always I want you to know
That God will stand by you, wherever you go.
When doubts overtake you, He will be there.
He’ll make all those doubts disappear in thin air.

So often our lives aren’t the way that we’d wish
We’re planning on steak and instead, we get fish.
But God never promised that it would be easy
We’d sail on unfettered and life would be breezy.

He rather has told us that when things get rough
Come humbly to Jesus and ask for His Love
He’ll give it completely it’s there for the asking
Whatever it is His Love’s everlasting!

He made you and gives you the promise He’ll be
At your beck and call for whatever you need.
So when life gets harried and problems beset
Just bring it to Him or be filled with regret.

Forever and always your days are His own
You're His precious Child to earth you’re on loan.
Whatever is needed, whate’re you require
He wants to enfold you and grant your desire.    

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