Monday, July 5, 2021


 My husband and I spent a wonderful day yesterday at the home of my sister and her husband.  Our visit was long overdue as we hadn't been there since the summer of 2019, due to the Pandemic, and our day was joyful! In addition to the two of them, her oldest daughter and her children joined us later and there were lots and lots of hugs all around.

The only sad note was learning of the passing of our former pastor's mother, a delightful, always upbeat woman who could just light up a room (or a church) by her presence.  So before I went to bed I wrote the following and created a sympathy card today which I'll soon post.

By Pat Severin

Today I learned about your loss and wished to ease your pain,
But I am not as wise as Paul who said “To die is gain.”
Those simple words, no more than four, they tell what matters most.
How is it that this earthly life is one of which we boast?
Such sorrow fills your heart today, for those that loved her, too,
She wouldn’t want your hearts to ache, for she would want for you
The kind of joy she’s feeling now, for she can live again
Right there beside the One who died, who now will take her hand
And fill her soul with joy sublime, her suffering is over.
No earthly pain or sadness there, the God she loved is closer
Than those of us who live on earth, she’s looking in His face.
All questions that she might have had, replaced with living Grace.
Though you who mourn her passing now might be consumed with grief,
Remember that she lives again and finally has relief
From all that filled her final days, the sadness of her own.
She now is free for Love complete within her Heavenly home.
And so I pray for comfort sweet and strength through all your tears,
For mem’ries of the life she lived, her love through all the years.
I pray that these will fill your heart and maybe bring a smile
For only God can help you still your sorrow for a while.

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