Saturday, July 3, 2021


 This poem was written this past week for a young man who is going through a difficult cancer battle, sustaining a schedule daily of chemo and radiation.  It's a very virulent cancer and I try to send him a card each week with some encouragement. This was the latest one.

I know that all this treatment that you are going through
Is more than most could handle and I'm awfully proud of you!
I may not know first-hand, it's true, but I sincerely say 
That you should be commended for all it takes each day...

To just get up and face it all and give it all you can... 
To meet head-on the challenges, you're really quite a man!
Guess you could say I deem myself your one-gal cheering section...
Who’s there to spur you on your way to follow God's direction.

Believe me, I'm not making light of all that you must face,
I'm really here reminding you of God's unending grace.
For though we have no reasons why this illness came to be,
It would be easy to give up, but God has made you FREE...

That’s free to give it all to Him for He is in control.
Remember then when doubts do come, it's God who frees your soul.
His love has made a place for you, for Jesus did it all.
He loves you and He died for you, He'll never let you fall.

So know that I am here for you, with words of hope and care.
No matter what the future holds, God's love is always there.
Keep moving forward toward the goal of living in God's love,
He's right beside you, take His hand, it fits yours like a glove.

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