Saturday, July 24, 2021


 Having written a new one for the encouragement cards I send, here is today's offering.

By Pat Severin

I think of you so often and wish I could do more.
I wish I could erase it all, wish I knew what it’s for?
But answers aren’t forthcoming and I can’t wish away
The struggles that you’re dealing with, today and every day.

The only thing I offer is my care and prayers for you,
For God is all that’s needed, only He can get you through...
The feelings and the questions and worries of the day,
The strength to face it all again, for He’s the only Way.

He tells us so explicitly He is, the Truth, the Light,
That in our darkness He is there to shine through deepest night.
And in the light of day He’s there to point us toward our path
With undeserved compassion, He provides a Love that lasts.

So in those times, those lowest times, when you feel all alone,
Remember He’s your father God who chose you as His own.
For you’re His child, His precious one, that’s what He calls you by.
He loves you like the one who died, yes, all those words apply.

And I will keep on praying, too, and sending love your way,
No matter what the future holds, that’s all that I can say.
Keep keeping on and trusting, too, God’s there, whate’re may be,
Remember that no matter what your Savior is the Key. 

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