Saturday, July 24, 2021


 On February 23rd I wrote a story about my favorite house as a five-year-old.  That same story I've been working on in poem form and I finished it tonight.  So here is:

WHEN YOU’RE LITTLE                                            

By Patty Lynn


My family moved when I was five into a brand-new house.

It wasn’t NEW but new for us, my Mom & Dad had doubts.

We’d had a house, brand spanking new, but that house cost too much.

And they both knew that this old house would need some fixing up.


But I was not aware of that, I simply knew this house

It was for me, a girl of five, what dreams were all about.

It had a very pointy roof, a perfect chimney, too,

Just right for dear, old Santa Claus and all he has to do.


When entering my house you’d see my very favorite spot,

A window seat where I would sit and read the books I got…

From school or from the library or gifts from Grandma, too.

I kept the card she sent that said, “I hand-picked these for you!”


It had a huge-sized living room and had a rounded wall.

I’d never seen that kind before nor since, that I recall.

I’ll take you to my kitchen next, it’s got so many cupboards!

They go up to the ceiling but my Mom and Dad discovered…


That they will need a kitchen stool to reach the very top.

Mom says for things we seldom use, that’s just the perfect spot!

But there behind the kitchen was another room I loved.

My Mom created something there, just look, it’s up above…


Look up, upon the ceiling, there, Mom made a whole night sky.

There’s lots of stars and I would stare and I will tell you why…

I loved pretending that my nap was underneath the stars.

I'd make believe that I could see the Moon and sometimes Mars!


We moved away when l was eight, but didn't move too far

l still could walk to my same school and didn’t need the car.

I thought about that house, a lot, l wondered if it was…

The way it was when I lived there, wished I could see because…


It’s been four years so I don't know the way that house is now

But one day, quite surprisingly, was able to see how.

Mom sent me to the grocery store and I met someone there…

Who said she lived “right up the block” I wanted to know where.


 She said her house was painted white and had a pointy roof!

O, could it be, my favorite house? I listened for some proof.

I told her what the address was and she said, “Yeah, that's it!”

When I heard that, I've got to say, my heart, it lept a bit!


“That’s my old house.  I loved each day…every single minute...

That I was in that house of mine, time that I spent in it…

Was something I'll remember for a very long, long time!

“You'll have to come, I’ll ask my mom, I’m sure she’ll say it's fine"


We got each other's numbers and she called me that next day.    

I answered and my new friend said, “My Mom said it’s OK!”

And there I was inside the house, there was my window seat.

It looked so different still I thought, A perfect place to read!


Then straight ahead the living room, that famous rounded wall,

But, wait a minute, something’s wrong, this living room is…small!

Now, this is strange, the kitchen, sure, the kitchen is just HUGE!

I headed there and said a prayer, O, no, I’m not amused!


Why is this house not as it was, at least as I recall?

What’s going on, this can’t be right, this place is really small.

But what about the starry sky, the bedroom that I loved?

The ceiling I pretended was outside with stars above?


The memories of my childhood days, the house I held so dear,

At 12 years old the truth I see, yes, something's very clear.

You want to know just what I think? It’s really pretty simple:

The truth is that so many things seem big when you are little.

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