Saturday, July 24, 2021


 On February 23rd I wrote a story about my favorite house as a five-year-old.  That same story I've been working on in poem form and I finished it tonight.  So here is:

WHEN YOU’RE LITTLE                                            

By Patty Lynn


My family moved when I was five into a brand-new house.

It wasn’t NEW but new for us, my Mom & Dad had doubts.

We’d had a house, brand spanking new, but that house cost too much.

And they both knew that this old house would need some fixing up.


But I was not aware of that, I simply knew this house

It was for me, a girl of five, what dreams were all about.

It had a very pointy roof, a perfect chimney, too,

Just right for dear, old Santa Claus and all he has to do.


When entering my house you’d see my very favorite spot,

A window seat where I would sit and read the books I got…

From school or from the library or gifts from Grandma, too.

I kept the card she sent that said, “I hand-picked these for you!”


It had a huge-sized living room and had a rounded wall.

I’d never seen that kind before nor since, that I recall.

I’ll take you to my kitchen next, it’s got so many cupboards!

They go up to the ceiling but my Mom and Dad discovered…


That they will need a kitchen stool to reach the very top.

Mom says for things we seldom use, that’s just the perfect spot!

But there behind the kitchen was another room I loved.

My Mom created something there, just look, it’s up above…


Look up, upon the ceiling, there, Mom made a whole night sky.

There’s lots of stars and I would stare and I will tell you why…

I loved pretending that my nap was underneath the stars.

I'd make believe that I could see the Moon and sometimes Mars!


We moved away when l was eight, but didn't move too far

l still could walk to my same school and didn’t need the car.

I thought about that house, a lot, l wondered if it was…

The way it was when I lived there, wished I could see because…


It’s been four years so I don't know the way that house is now

But one day, quite surprisingly, was able to see how.

Mom sent me to the grocery store and I met someone there…

Who said she lived “right up the block” I wanted to know where.


 She said her house was painted white and had a pointy roof!

O, could it be, my favorite house? I listened for some proof.

I told her what the address was and she said, “Yeah, that's it!”

When I heard that, I've got to say, my heart, it lept a bit!


“That’s my old house.  I loved each day…every single minute...

That I was in that house of mine, time that I spent in it…

Was something I'll remember for a very long, long time!

“You'll have to come, I’ll ask my mom, I’m sure she’ll say it's fine"


We got each other's numbers and she called me that next day.    

I answered and my new friend said, “My Mom said it’s OK!”

And there I was inside the house, there was my window seat.

It looked so different still I thought, A perfect place to read!


Then straight ahead the living room, that famous rounded wall,

But, wait a minute, something’s wrong, this living room is…small!

Now, this is strange, the kitchen, sure, the kitchen is just HUGE!

I headed there and said a prayer, O, no, I’m not amused!


Why is this house not as it was, at least as I recall?

What’s going on, this can’t be right, this place is really small.

But what about the starry sky, the bedroom that I loved?

The ceiling I pretended was outside with stars above?


The memories of my childhood days, the house I held so dear,

At 12 years old the truth I see, yes, something's very clear.

You want to know just what I think? It’s really pretty simple:

The truth is that so many things seem big when you are little.


 Having written a new one for the encouragement cards I send, here is today's offering.

By Pat Severin

I think of you so often and wish I could do more.
I wish I could erase it all, wish I knew what it’s for?
But answers aren’t forthcoming and I can’t wish away
The struggles that you’re dealing with, today and every day.

The only thing I offer is my care and prayers for you,
For God is all that’s needed, only He can get you through...
The feelings and the questions and worries of the day,
The strength to face it all again, for He’s the only Way.

He tells us so explicitly He is, the Truth, the Light,
That in our darkness He is there to shine through deepest night.
And in the light of day He’s there to point us toward our path
With undeserved compassion, He provides a Love that lasts.

So in those times, those lowest times, when you feel all alone,
Remember He’s your father God who chose you as His own.
For you’re His child, His precious one, that’s what He calls you by.
He loves you like the one who died, yes, all those words apply.

And I will keep on praying, too, and sending love your way,
No matter what the future holds, that’s all that I can say.
Keep keeping on and trusting, too, God’s there, whate’re may be,
Remember that no matter what your Savior is the Key. 

Friday, July 23, 2021


Tonight I'll share the latest poem sent in a card.

By Pat Severin

Forever and always I want you to know
That God will stand by you, wherever you go.
When doubts overtake you, He will be there.
He’ll make all those doubts disappear in thin air.

So often our lives aren’t the way that we’d wish
We’re planning on steak and instead, we get fish.
But God never promised that it would be easy
We’d sail on unfettered and life would be breezy.

He rather has told us that when things get rough
Come humbly to Jesus and ask for His Love
He’ll give it completely it’s there for the asking
Whatever it is His Love’s everlasting!

He made you and gives you the promise He’ll be
At your beck and call for whatever you need.
So when life gets harried and problems beset
Just bring it to Him or be filled with regret.

Forever and always your days are His own
You're His precious Child to earth you’re on loan.
Whatever is needed, whate’re you require
He wants to enfold you and grant your desire.    

Monday, July 5, 2021


 My husband and I spent a wonderful day yesterday at the home of my sister and her husband.  Our visit was long overdue as we hadn't been there since the summer of 2019, due to the Pandemic, and our day was joyful! In addition to the two of them, her oldest daughter and her children joined us later and there were lots and lots of hugs all around.

The only sad note was learning of the passing of our former pastor's mother, a delightful, always upbeat woman who could just light up a room (or a church) by her presence.  So before I went to bed I wrote the following and created a sympathy card today which I'll soon post.

By Pat Severin

Today I learned about your loss and wished to ease your pain,
But I am not as wise as Paul who said “To die is gain.”
Those simple words, no more than four, they tell what matters most.
How is it that this earthly life is one of which we boast?
Such sorrow fills your heart today, for those that loved her, too,
She wouldn’t want your hearts to ache, for she would want for you
The kind of joy she’s feeling now, for she can live again
Right there beside the One who died, who now will take her hand
And fill her soul with joy sublime, her suffering is over.
No earthly pain or sadness there, the God she loved is closer
Than those of us who live on earth, she’s looking in His face.
All questions that she might have had, replaced with living Grace.
Though you who mourn her passing now might be consumed with grief,
Remember that she lives again and finally has relief
From all that filled her final days, the sadness of her own.
She now is free for Love complete within her Heavenly home.
And so I pray for comfort sweet and strength through all your tears,
For mem’ries of the life she lived, her love through all the years.
I pray that these will fill your heart and maybe bring a smile
For only God can help you still your sorrow for a while.

Saturday, July 3, 2021


 This poem was written this past week for a young man who is going through a difficult cancer battle, sustaining a schedule daily of chemo and radiation.  It's a very virulent cancer and I try to send him a card each week with some encouragement. This was the latest one.

I know that all this treatment that you are going through
Is more than most could handle and I'm awfully proud of you!
I may not know first-hand, it's true, but I sincerely say 
That you should be commended for all it takes each day...

To just get up and face it all and give it all you can... 
To meet head-on the challenges, you're really quite a man!
Guess you could say I deem myself your one-gal cheering section...
Who’s there to spur you on your way to follow God's direction.

Believe me, I'm not making light of all that you must face,
I'm really here reminding you of God's unending grace.
For though we have no reasons why this illness came to be,
It would be easy to give up, but God has made you FREE...

That’s free to give it all to Him for He is in control.
Remember then when doubts do come, it's God who frees your soul.
His love has made a place for you, for Jesus did it all.
He loves you and He died for you, He'll never let you fall.

So know that I am here for you, with words of hope and care.
No matter what the future holds, God's love is always there.
Keep moving forward toward the goal of living in God's love,
He's right beside you, take His hand, it fits yours like a glove.