Saturday, May 22, 2021


I've been experimenting lately.  As you know, my last entry was my first attempt at a love sonnet and this time it's a new rhyming pattern.  I don't know if you want to know, but my poems generally take a form of 8/6 or 8 beats and 6 beats. This entry follows a 10/10 patterns, meaning each line has 10 beats in it. I'm not sure I like it but, as I said, I'm experimenting. We've got to try new things! Some people my age try skydiving, me, I try new poetic forms.  Pretty darn exciting, huh?  Anyway, I'm writing poems of encouragement lately as so many people are dealing with difficult things, so it's a good place to start.


By Pat Severin


Life often changes what may be Our Plan,

Leaves us to question, we don’t understand.

What have I done, Lord, and what can I say...

To change all of this OR must I just pray?

Just pray’s not a JUST, He hears all your pleas.

He needs you to come, head bowed on your knees.

Fervently ask for the strength He can give,

A heart that’s for Him, He’ll help you live.


Sometimes this life may bring storms that are rough,

Rage with such fury till we’ve had enough!

Sometimes God calms them but sometimes He won’t,

Ask, Lord, where are you? You seem so remote!

But we have to come when storms rage about,

Filled with our worry and shackled with doubt

Our heart's missing something but our life is, too,

God wants to bring calm to wash over you.


When trials will come and you know that they will,

Ask for His strength and His words of “Be still!”

He’s willing and waiting for you to ask.

What you think is hard is His easy task.

He loves you and wants to be with you today...

Always remember to take time to pray.

Life will bring storms like dealing with cancer,

But life in HIS LOVE, that is the answer!

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