Sunday, May 23, 2021


 I wrote this today with the determination to try another new form.  I don't know if a whole piece using this type of rhyme is for me.  I've used in occasionally in some of my past poems but this is the first time I've used it consistently.  Again, like it or not, it's a new form.


Pat Severin


Getting old or so I’m told’s, a natural progression.

How can that be, for now it's me, taking this regression?

I’ve asked around but haven't found a way to stop this game.

You say you’ve tried, your hope has died, your info’s just the same?


This aging thing deserves a swing and then a hefty punch.

Perhaps I'm stuck (that's just my luck) it's hopeless, is my hunch.

I've got to say, what's true today, (you've heard these words before,)

Why can they send, I told my friend, a rocket ship that soars...


Right to Moon and still this gloom surrounds me every day.

And yet this thing, this aging thing they haven't found a way...

To end it now, solutions how to stop it in its tracks.

They're scientists, they must have tricks that halt these darn attacks!


This answer, NO, I hate it so, I wish I could pursue...

A way to end, at least suspend, could find some avenue...

To my desire, can't help aspire to what cannot be found,

Besides I'd be a wealthy me if I could make some ground.


Well, guess that's it to make it stick, you get my point, I'm sure.

Some can accept what I reject, alas, there is no cure.

This growing old, if truth be told, is something I detest!

Accepting age as just a stage is way too hard a test!

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