Saturday, April 3, 2021


There are 6 - 9 of us who get together with Zoom each month.  These are gals I went to college with some 50 years ago, yes, 50 years.  I can hardly wrap my mind around it, either.  We all went to a Lutheran College preparing us to be elementary teachers.  Imagine, 1967 graduates and we all are lucid and able to still put our thoughts and words together into complete sentences.  Shocking, I know.

We all look forward to our hour's time together swapping stories and sharing changes and in the case of the poem that's created here, to celebrate!  One of the gals was just given a cancer-free report.  It was her 3rd bout with breast cancer and when I learned that, I created this card to send her my congratulations for her triumph!  I've included a link here if you want to actually see the card.

Here's the poem only:


I can’t begin to tell you just how thrilled I am for you!
This road has been a journey long, but you have seen it through.
Not once, not twice but even three, so let's pray three's the charm...
And there will be no chemo and no pokes there in your arm...

Unless it is a booster that is for your Covid Vax.
And while we're on the subject, let's hope ALL accept the facts
About the need for everyone to have their vaccination
And we'll get back some normalcy like taking a vacation...

Because for you and Roger that may be plain overdue,
Or just a lovely dinner in a restaurant, for two.
Because your body's cancer-free, I’m just so glad to say it!
God intervened on your behalf for it was He who gave it.

And He will see you through what’s next, no matter what may be.
Just know that I will pray for you, continually, you’ll see...
More blessings that He has in store, the future’s bright, I know.
He’s held you in His loving arms but more He will bestow...

Upon you and your years ahead, He’s there for all of us,
And all He asks is our belief and that we always trust.
Small price to pay when His love cures, a love that’s always true.
This verse is just my way to say, “Congrats and cheers to you!”

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