Friday, April 23, 2021


For tonight I submit this prayer for any family that might be dealing with the virus.


Dear Lord Above, look down in love on those whose lives are reeling.

It’s hard for me to understand just why with this they’re dealing.

They were so careful, stayed at home, did everything just right

And yet he finds he’s positive and I’m so lost tonight…

So I am asking, keep them safe and make this man feel better.

I know I shouldn’t ask you, Lord, why is this family fettered...

With worry, angst and heavy hearts, this wife has tried her best

To keep contagion from them all, but why, Lord, why this test?

I want so much to understand and helplessly I come

To ask your sweet protection, for each & everyone.

I’ve prayed and asked you every day and know, O God, you care.

They shouldn’t have the virus, Lord, and yet they have it there.

Please hear my plea, I come to thee, and ask your mercy now.

If there is something I can do, just show me, show me how.

Please ease his suffering, may he be, someone with mild symptoms,

And spare the rest from getting sick, may none of them be victims.

I close my prayer and know you’re there, please grant my fervent plea

To spare them from the Covid grip.

                            Lord, make this household FREE.


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