Wednesday, March 10, 2021

It's Nice to say Thank You is a Poetic Way!

This is a poem I wrote today to say thank you to our neighbors across the street.  Every year they take care of all our snow removal, without fail.  We've never asked, they've just decided that they would be happy to do so.  Whether there's scarcely any snow at all or the snow falls many times throughout the day, they shovel two or three or four times if it's needed.  

It's a wonderful selfless gift to us as our driveway is quite substantial. That's why every year I thank them in a poem and until this year, we'd include a gift card for a restaurant.  This year we're remembering their kindness with a debit card that they can choose to use anywhere they wish.  So I share it with you here.


This winter’s been a cold one; we’ve had more ice than snow,
But when the snow is on the ground there’s one thing that we know.
We know that we can count on you to shovel it with skill,
And if we have to get out quick, there’s no doubt that we will.

Yes, we both know we'll get right out because our driveway’s clear.
Your family’s taken care of it, of that, we have no fear.
My challenge every year is this: to write a thank you poem,
A different one to thank you for the kindness that you’ve shown.

If there’s a neighbor's handbook that can tell you how to be...
The very best, the best there is, your picture there, we’d see!
But seriously, we both believe that’s it’s important to...
Live out your faith, show every day, God lives inside of you.

We Christians have the privilege of being saved in Christ,
And living in that truth for Him’s a blessing in our life.
We wish we could reciprocate, it's caused us both frustration.
But though we’d love to do in kind to show appreciation...

This aging’s curse puts limits on our capabilities.
That’s why we hope this gift will give some possibilities.
It comes with thanks and gratitude for all you do each year,
So use it now or celebrate when Covid isn’t here!

Sunday, March 7, 2021



By Patty Lynn

We didn’t hesitate a bit, we got the Pfiser shot.
Don’t think that we’re immune, O, no, the fact is we are not.
The vaccine is protection so you don't get really sick,
But if you get the virus, your recovery is quick.

The point of this is to avoid the kind of suffering
Where families will only hope that you’re recovering.
Since many never did go home, I said, "I’m sure I’ll be
The first to get a Covid shot when it is time for me."

I know the world is sick of masks and social distance, too.
I am, as well, but now it’s time, the time is right for you...
To go and get your Covid shot when your group qualifies
And we can finally rid ourselves of days we’ve agonized...

Because so many people died, more people every day!
So if we can achieve an end to all of this, I say,
“Let’s do whatever we can do to stop the madness now.”
Agree that's vaccination? Well, then I say, “Take a bow!”

So if you're wond’ring if you should, I'll tell you that I did!
You get yours, too, and if you do, don't keep your choice well-hid.
If we can get a lot of folks to get their vaccination,
We’ll have that “herd immunity” and Covid-free elation!

And won't it be just wonderful to finally be the way,
The way we used to be? Oh, such a happy, happy day!
No masks or keeping faraway from those we love so much.
For me, I cannot wait till I can simply hug and touch...

The ones I've missed, to share a kiss, it’s simply overdue!
For granted these, no, never, please, that's something I won’t do.
I'll cherish every moment and each person that I love,
I’ll hang on tight, with all my might, to Covid give a shove!