Monday, February 8, 2021


 Read something last night that made me laugh and had to write something similar in poem form.  I hope you get a kick out of it.  I know I did.


    By Pat Severin

 If you can start the day without the aid of that ‘ol cupper,

If you can do it all without assistance from an upper,

If you can be, eternally, a cheerful, pleasant guy,

     And though you have some aches and pains, you don’t on drugs rely,

If you resist complaining and don’t share your boring troubles…

     Because you know reliving them can sometimes make them double,

If you can eat the same old food and somehow still be grateful,

     And be excited anyway with every single plateful,

If you can understand the fact that sometimes folks are busy,

     And if they are you never get yourself into a tizzy,

If you do not resent it if you’re criticized or blamed…

     Because you take it all in stride, that your mistakes are named,

If you can recognize your stress but somehow conquer tension,

     Accepting it’s the way life is and need no intervention,

If you lie down and always sleep, wherever you may be…

     It must be true, I credit you, and, yes, the world can see…


That if these things are true of you, there’s only one conclusion,

I mean just one, and now I’m done, let there be no confusion…


That you must be, most probably, the faithful  


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