Thursday, January 28, 2021


Tonight as I am wondering, I'm wishing I knew

What will be the outcome, the outcome for you?

So many are praying, they care for you, so

Why can't it be clear, we're wanting to know...


How will this continue, how will it resolve?

Just what is expected, how will it evolve?

I know we can't know what our God is thinking,

But, oh, what will triumph or will hope be shrinking?


Will we finally see the best hoped-for outcome 

Or will life be changing, changing for someone?

We’re stuck without those answers, the future's not certain

Life’s trials have us stuck here behind doubting's curtain...

Oh, what is expected and what will it look like,

A big ol' disaster for us both to dislike?

But haven’t we gotten much more than our share

Can we even handle what seems to be there?


But we’ll have to wait for the answers to come

Keep praying and praying until God is done

With this situation, with us, too, I fear.

                                      The only thing left is just shedding a tear. 

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