Wednesday, January 20, 2021

My Latest...A Board Book Perhaps


By Patty Lynn

The flowers in my garden are

So beautiful to see.

I wish that when I talk to them

That they’d talk back to me.


O, magic garden fairy, come,    

And wave of your magic wand.

Make flowers speak, no secrets keep,

From evening until dawn.                                                     


I love my flower garden, so.

Each flower is amazing!

The blossoms there, beyond compare,

Come at me, colors blazing.


O, red, red rose on prickly stem,

You gorgeous flower of mine.

One look at you and well I know

My day will be just fine.


Dear daisy with your petals white

And golden center hue,

You show me why each morn I sigh,

“Dear daisy, I love you!”


Forget-me-nots, with petals blue,

I can’t believe you’re mine.

Your tiny flowers smile back at me

And make me feel divine!


My lilac bush, so big and tall,

Each bloom a lilac blue.

Your smell, it is a fragrance, sweet

That lasts the whole day through.


My tulips are the first to come

In springtime they arrive.

How welcome after winter’s snow.

They make me feel alive!


Daylilies are such sturdy blooms

In crimson, orange and white.

Best not decide to bring them in

They’ll wither overnight.


Clematis, you’re a funny one.

Your new growth comes on old.

Can’t cut you back for I will find

In spring, no blooms unfold.


A lovely one’s Lobelia,

In purple, white and pink.

All by yourself or with a group

You need a daily drink.


Geranium, geranium,

Grand, hardy standing there.

The lacy Martha Washington’s

My favorite, to be fair.


Pert Pansies always make me smile

Each morning when you greet

It seems you have a tiny face.

Your varied colors treat!


So there it is, fair garden, mine

In vivid colors bright.

It takes but one, one look at you,

To make my heart take flight.


Your beauty’s unmistakable.

No garden quite so sweet.

Each flower there that needs my care,

It makes my joy complete!  

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