Saturday, January 30, 2021


In an effort to both be more committed to post regularly to my blog and still write my children's stories, I will combine the two, here in Poetically Speaking.  So this is my introduction to that concept and hopefully, my next children's story will be posted soon.  Cross your fingers and toes that this will work. 


By Patty Lynn

It's time to write a story, a story must I write.

Will l complete this morning or will it take all night?

But first comes an idea, but just what will it be?

A story true to write for you or one made up by me?

It must be one for children, for children I must write.

For children love a story sweet or one that gives a fright.

And so my mind runs rampant. The subjects I could pick

The list is long, what's right, what's wrong, I'll think of something quick.

A talking dog, a Sunday walk, a trip to Saturn's rings,

A Sunday drive to see a hive, a bird who never sings

Or I might choose and just can't lose if I write one that rhymes

My specialty, l bet you'll see, for me that kind it binds…

My talent to my love for kids, they like to hear a rhyme.

The meter captures children's ears; they perk up every time.

And once you pique their interest, your story's on its way...

To reach their heart, a rhyme's the start, their mind's are there to stay.

And so next time I'll post it here, the story I will write

I hope it won't be long till then, a day, a week? It might…

Because although it should be less, you never really know

You think it will flow easily and that's just when it won't.

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