Tuesday, January 19, 2021



By Patty Lynn


It’s utterly amazing I have fallen off this much!

When I went to my blog today, my spirit was, well, crushed!

The last time I had posted was September of last year.

I’ve always loved to write my poems and share them with you here.


But as you know I’m writing and I’m learning quite a lot

About just how to write a book, improve the one’s I’ve got.

I wrote some stories years ago for children they were geared

But input from my group showed me opinions can’t be feared.


Because in them improvements come and stories then improve

And those revisions yield you much, in fact, you just can’t lose.

For then you have a story, a book of which you’re proud

But time to do my blog is such, no time it has allowed.


While I’ve been writing in this group there’s much that I have gained

But time-consuming it has been and why my blog remained

Untended, open-ended, I’ve neglected it, I know

But I will try to keep it up and pray my poems will flow…


To all of you who faithfully look forward to them here.

I think of you, please know I do, I’ll try to make it clear...

That poems will come and poems will go but I need all of you.

Encouragement and what that’s meant will always see me through. 

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