Saturday, January 30, 2021


In an effort to both be more committed to post regularly to my blog and still write my children's stories, I will combine the two, here in Poetically Speaking.  So this is my introduction to that concept and hopefully, my next children's story will be posted soon.  Cross your fingers and toes that this will work. 


By Patty Lynn

It's time to write a story, a story must I write.

Will l complete this morning or will it take all night?

But first comes an idea, but just what will it be?

A story true to write for you or one made up by me?

It must be one for children, for children I must write.

For children love a story sweet or one that gives a fright.

And so my mind runs rampant. The subjects I could pick

The list is long, what's right, what's wrong, I'll think of something quick.

A talking dog, a Sunday walk, a trip to Saturn's rings,

A Sunday drive to see a hive, a bird who never sings

Or I might choose and just can't lose if I write one that rhymes

My specialty, l bet you'll see, for me that kind it binds…

My talent to my love for kids, they like to hear a rhyme.

The meter captures children's ears; they perk up every time.

And once you pique their interest, your story's on its way...

To reach their heart, a rhyme's the start, their mind's are there to stay.

And so next time I'll post it here, the story I will write

I hope it won't be long till then, a day, a week? It might…

Because although it should be less, you never really know

You think it will flow easily and that's just when it won't.

Thursday, January 28, 2021


Tonight as I am wondering, I'm wishing I knew

What will be the outcome, the outcome for you?

So many are praying, they care for you, so

Why can't it be clear, we're wanting to know...


How will this continue, how will it resolve?

Just what is expected, how will it evolve?

I know we can't know what our God is thinking,

But, oh, what will triumph or will hope be shrinking?


Will we finally see the best hoped-for outcome 

Or will life be changing, changing for someone?

We’re stuck without those answers, the future's not certain

Life’s trials have us stuck here behind doubting's curtain...

Oh, what is expected and what will it look like,

A big ol' disaster for us both to dislike?

But haven’t we gotten much more than our share

Can we even handle what seems to be there?


But we’ll have to wait for the answers to come

Keep praying and praying until God is done

With this situation, with us, too, I fear.

                                      The only thing left is just shedding a tear. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 January 31st will be my son's 49th birthday and this was the poem I wrote for him.

One more year and you will leave

The forties far behind,

But if you find that difficult

Accept and you will find…


That you’ll begin a chapter where

You live with lessons learned,

And with that comes rewards untold

And satisfaction earned…


And confidence, maturity,

Some understanding, too!

All this and more and what's in store

I wish it all for you.


So though this is the ending of

The forties, you will see…

Just what God’s planned, it’s in His hand,

His love for you’s the key.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

My Latest...A Board Book Perhaps


By Patty Lynn

The flowers in my garden are

So beautiful to see.

I wish that when I talk to them

That they’d talk back to me.


O, magic garden fairy, come,    

And wave of your magic wand.

Make flowers speak, no secrets keep,

From evening until dawn.                                                     


I love my flower garden, so.

Each flower is amazing!

The blossoms there, beyond compare,

Come at me, colors blazing.


O, red, red rose on prickly stem,

You gorgeous flower of mine.

One look at you and well I know

My day will be just fine.


Dear daisy with your petals white

And golden center hue,

You show me why each morn I sigh,

“Dear daisy, I love you!”


Forget-me-nots, with petals blue,

I can’t believe you’re mine.

Your tiny flowers smile back at me

And make me feel divine!


My lilac bush, so big and tall,

Each bloom a lilac blue.

Your smell, it is a fragrance, sweet

That lasts the whole day through.


My tulips are the first to come

In springtime they arrive.

How welcome after winter’s snow.

They make me feel alive!


Daylilies are such sturdy blooms

In crimson, orange and white.

Best not decide to bring them in

They’ll wither overnight.


Clematis, you’re a funny one.

Your new growth comes on old.

Can’t cut you back for I will find

In spring, no blooms unfold.


A lovely one’s Lobelia,

In purple, white and pink.

All by yourself or with a group

You need a daily drink.


Geranium, geranium,

Grand, hardy standing there.

The lacy Martha Washington’s

My favorite, to be fair.


Pert Pansies always make me smile

Each morning when you greet

It seems you have a tiny face.

Your varied colors treat!


So there it is, fair garden, mine

In vivid colors bright.

It takes but one, one look at you,

To make my heart take flight.


Your beauty’s unmistakable.

No garden quite so sweet.

Each flower there that needs my care,

It makes my joy complete!  

Tuesday, January 19, 2021



By Patty Lynn


It’s utterly amazing I have fallen off this much!

When I went to my blog today, my spirit was, well, crushed!

The last time I had posted was September of last year.

I’ve always loved to write my poems and share them with you here.


But as you know I’m writing and I’m learning quite a lot

About just how to write a book, improve the one’s I’ve got.

I wrote some stories years ago for children they were geared

But input from my group showed me opinions can’t be feared.


Because in them improvements come and stories then improve

And those revisions yield you much, in fact, you just can’t lose.

For then you have a story, a book of which you’re proud

But time to do my blog is such, no time it has allowed.


While I’ve been writing in this group there’s much that I have gained

But time-consuming it has been and why my blog remained

Untended, open-ended, I’ve neglected it, I know

But I will try to keep it up and pray my poems will flow…


To all of you who faithfully look forward to them here.

I think of you, please know I do, I’ll try to make it clear...

That poems will come and poems will go but I need all of you.

Encouragement and what that’s meant will always see me through.