Thursday, December 16, 2021


There are so many times when problems arise that I dig in and try to solve them by myself.  I tell myself, "I'm a capable person, I should be able to figure this out!" And then I realize that all I've been doing is spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Why? Because I didn't bring it to God in the first place, "duh!" We humans are so ridiculous. God is there and we think of that second or third or fifth instead of bringing our worries to Him in the first place.

By Pat Severin

When I am feeling weary with worries on my mind
And wish I had the answers, I often try to find…
My own way to solutions, I’m sure that they will come,
But I’m a fool, because I know for answers there is one…

One source that I can go to, one source where care is found,
One source where love’s abundant, the best source that’s around.
That source? It is my Father, who’ll help me when I ask
For His assistance, for His help, He’s up for any task.

And yet I never choose Him first until I’m really spent.
That is my own “duh” moment and that’s when I relent.
But still, my God is willing, He’s there to hear my plea,
He knows I’ve done it once again, and yet He’s there for me.

His love and patience aren’t changed because I’ve waited to…
Come to His throne, I am His own, and says, “I’m here for you.”
That’s love that’s unconditional, it’s there, no matter what,
His door is always open and I’ll never find it shut.

So take advice from one who knows, don’t wait to come to Him.
His light of love is always on and it will never dim.
Don’t think your worry’s way too small, He’s busy, He’ll dismiss it.
That’s not the case, He’s there for you, He’s waiting for your visit. 


This year as with every year, I write a Christmas Poem to send to family and friends.  Usually, that's one poem but this year it became three.  The first two are self-explanatory but the third didn't go out to many. If you read it I'm sure it will be clear about my reasoning.  Here they are:

By Pat Severin

When winter is approaching, we expect the cold it brings,
Then freezing ice and tons of snow, the search for warmer things.
As it begins, it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving’s on its heels
And then as Christmastime draws near, the busier it feels…

Because we’ve got to buy the gifts, perhaps there’re travel plans,
Check out the lights, go get the tree, and put it in the stand,
Send out the cards, wrap presents, too, and then we decorate.
There’s something else…almost forgot, the thing we celebrate.

There is another reason for this festive time of the year
That’s spent with loved ones gathered close…but is it really clear…
That Christ, God’s Son was born that day so many years ago?
Could it be overshadowed by the things that often go…

Before the greatest gift of all, that Babe who brought salvation,
Who offers all eternal life, who prompts this celebration?
God’s promise kept, His only Son, should never be forgotten
Because He came for everyone, the wealthy to down-trodden.

So as you plan your holiday and those you love are near,
Remember why we celebrate this season every year.
We wish for you this Christmastime the blessings that it brings
And may you know God’s love for you, for that’s where true joy springs.

By Pat Severin

How is it that with Christmastime I still am filled with joy,
Not like the joy that children feel, each girl and every boy...
Anticipating presents, seeing Dad put up the lights,
But rather like the shepherds felt, that joyous night of nights.

How is it after all these years I still think of that Babe
Born to a teenage mother in surroundings somewhat grave...
But chosen so the world would see that He was one of them,
A human child, God’s sacrifice, born there in Bethlehem.

How is it that this ancient tale is somehow always new
And yet I hear it every year, just listen, so do you?
For it’s the promise kept by God, the Savior, Jesus Christ,
Sent long ago to save us all, God’s Son, who’d pay the price.

How is it that each Christmas brings that cherished memory back
And I can feel the Father’s hand and blessing in all that?
And yet I feel this world of ours has chosen to forget.
The promise of the Christmas Child, that child is under threat.

We cannot let His birth be overshadowed by such trappings
As tinsel, trees, and shopping sprees, and brightly colored wrappings.
So share with me that memory, what every Christmas brings,
The joy of knowing Christ was born, your Savior, King of kings.

For if you do, I’m telling you, your heart will overflow.
God’s love for you, its depth and breadth, you will begin to know...
And then, with every Christmas, you’ll anticipate His birth,
The story won’t be old but new, that Babe not last, but FIRST!

By Pat Severin

Another Christmas time is here and I want you to know,
That knowing every one of you gives me a Christmas glow.
This life is blessed and richer still, because of you, my friends,
That’s whether you are living close or where the pathway ends.

I merely have to blink my eyes, another year is passed,
But though we’re growing older, good friends are things that last.
At Christmas seems the perfect time for memories of old
When we were young, with life ahead, and Winter’s weren’t as cold.

But time itself does not stand still and years go rushing by
We’re often busy with our lives and we can only sigh…
And shake our heads and wonder why a few of us lost touch;
It never was intentional, it happens way too much.

And so I take this time to say, wherever you may be,
That you are thought of often, I hope that you can see…
I don’t wish time would just stand still, I’d rather it rewind
So I could see you, once again, because I know I’d find…

The joy of being with you all, to talk and laugh again,
Reminding us of reasons why we always would be friends.
Though rewinds are impossible, what’s possible is this,
To tell you that you’ll always be a blessing that persists!


Tuesday, November 30, 2021


This was written not for a particular person or circumstance but as a prayer for anyone who's dealing with bad news and may be experiencing nights of tossing and turning with worry. So often we think we can handle it ourselves but, of course, the answer to those worries is simple, as it always is, give them to God.

By Pat Severin

Oh, Lord above, please hear my plea,
    there’s something that's been troubling me.
I cannot put it into words,
    I’m overwhelmed with these concerns…
So sad and worried with the news,
    it’s not the outcome I would choose.
This happens to the ones who cry
    before they’ve taken time to try.
I’ve tried so hard to deal with this,
  I’m feeling weightless, all adrift.
I know I should have come to you
    when I first heard the awful news,
But I, like many, wasted time
    forgetting that you know that I’m…
So confident that I will find…
    the formula for peace of mind…
When all along I should have prayed.
    admittedly I’ve just delayed
What should, for me, be second nature,
    but this time Lord, it’s something major.
Dear God, I know it’s not too late
    For you to help me navigate
What’s so unknown to me today.
    I’ve finally come to you and pray
For strength and understanding, too, 
    I know that I can count on You. 

Friday, November 5, 2021


“For the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory." Deuteronomy 20:4
By Pat Severin
This life we live is riddled with what we consider worries
That sometimes come infrequently but often come in flurries
Of things we never would expect, the worst kind of surprises.
We’re unprepared, why aren’t we spared, are these what God devises...
To keep us on our toes and see just how will we respond?
Will we first try to handle it, while we should seek His bond…
And bring our worries and our cares and lay them at His feet.
Why is it after all this time we give God a backseat?
We should have learned that Jesus earned the grace that makes a path
Straight to the Father’s open-door no longer to find wrath.
Instead, we find His loving arms and better yet relief
From all our worries and our fears, He only asks belief…
That He is there, our Lord and God with all His power and might
To fight against our enemies of sorrow, worry, fright.
And since He is, we know that He will win the victory…
Against the unexpected things that plague us so we see…
That He is who we go to first, not let those worries fester,
But rather count on Him who says He’s always our protector.
He cannot wave a magic wand, make problems disappear,
But He can hold us close to Him, give comfort when He’s near.
Believe the words He tells us all, cast all your cares on Him.
And all your worries will be fought, His power will not dim.
He loves and wants the best for you, there’s nothing He can’t do,
So bring your worries & your fears and He will see you through! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 As hard as it is for me the admit, we'll soon be in the throes of winter.  I really hate to see this season come to a close as the reality that is winter is upon us. Saturday night we turn the clock back and time is what it is when it's accurate, darn!  And so it goes, cold and wind and snow.  


By Pat Severin

Sweet Autumn’s left me so bereft.
It's coming to an end.
I can’t but mourn and feel forlorn.         
I’ve lost my dear fall friend.

This is the season I love best;
It’s over way too soon.
As colors fade, wish I had made
A personal cocoon...

To keep me warm and cozy here
So I might now withstand...
Cold winds that howl at which I growl
With freezing feet and hands.

If that were not enough for me,
We soon will lose an hour.
No daylight saved, for light now fades
And I am left to cower...

Beneath my blanket, wrapped up tight.
Must I come up for air?
I’d rather not, for here’s my spo,t
All winter I’ll be there. 

Monday, November 1, 2021


By Pat Severin
“I am your humble servant, Lord, and this I need to know,
What is the most important thing so that my faith will grow?”
So Jesus answered simply, “Just love God with all your heart,
With everything you have, Dear One, completely, not just part.”
“And is there something else, Lord, that you want me to do?”
Christ said, “To love your neighbor fully and as much as you love you.
For love is what’s important, it’s above all other things,
For God is love and loving us is how the Savior brings…
Salvation and eternal life, though it was not deserved.
While we were yet so sinful, Jesus' death made heaven assured…
So that the ones who do believe, those baptized in His name,
May love the way that He loved us, our fellow man the same.
“To love as well as show love, is that the answer, Lord?
But there are many kinds of love, how should my love be poured?
You said to love as God loved us, but tell me more of that.
Describe the ways we are to love and try to be exact.
“The Bible gives examples of the way love can be shown
And then with this assistance will that love be truly known.
Love shows when we are patient, when our kindness rules the day,
When we are never boastful, or are rude to get our way.
But only God can truly show a love that’s unconditional.
You can attempt this kind of love but often it’s provisional.
Still give your heart and honestly to love the best you can
For all will see your Father when you love your fellow man.”

Saturday, October 30, 2021


"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me." Psalm 23:4 

By Pat Severin
Most everyone has heard this verse that’s in Psalm 23
That talks about that fearful place where no one wants to be.
An evil place, a valley where death’s darkened shadows lurk;
The picture seems to me to be the devil’s handiwork.
But what’s the message here for us, what is it we should know?
And why this vivid imagery, what is it meant to show?
We know we’re fraught with evil things as we walk through this life
 Of sadness, disappointments, all our problems, perils, strife.
This place, this valley’s like the world where dreadful things abound,
A shadowed place where we can’t see the threats that can be found.
But in this frightening place, we see the One who saves us from it,
Who takes our hand and guides our way from valley to the summit.

He is the source of comfort and support for every journey.
He lights our way so we can see, although we are unworthy…
Of love and care, yet He is there, to help us make it through.
So undeserved this love of His, but He says this is true…
That though the perils of this life can sometimes cloud our judgment,
Our God is there, He loves and cares with power that’s abundant.
We need not fear the devil’s plan, he wants to overtake us,
Because our God is always there and never will forsake us. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


By Pat Severin
It’s true that life so often brings concerns and sometimes worry
And fraught with all its challenges, we find we’re in a hurry…
To end the stress, forget the mess, but wonder what to do.
But God has said, “Please come to me and I will see you through.”
There is no need to feel afraid of what might be the outcome,
Those fearful thoughts, they have no place, for that’s where doubting comes from.
He tells you He will strengthen you and help to ease your way.
He won’t erase your troubles but He’ll bolster you each day…
To meet whatever plagues your thoughts, He hears your every plea.
He says, “I’m here, my strength is yours, for every single need.”
The God who made the world will bring His power and His might.
He will not leave you on your own, no, He will help you fight…
Your apprehensions for He knows your human limitations…
Because He made you, loves you so, and has no reservations…
About what is the best for you, supports you so you’ll stand…
And face whatever worries you, upholds you with His hand.
“Fear not,” He says, “for where you are, that’s where I’ll always be!
No matter what, I’ll strengthen you, believe it, for you’ll see…
That you can always count on me, to help you, come what may,
You only need to ask, my child, you only need to pray.”

Saturday, October 23, 2021


The Teen Curriculum we a using this year is one that shows what God wants of us in living a Christian Life.  Our first unit is on Gratitude a concept that shouldn't be too difficult to understand except when the Bible says we should be grateful in ALL circumstances. Now that's a challenge! But this is the newest poem that hopefully makes such a concept a bit more clear.

By Pat Severin

It’s easy to show gratitude when good things come your way,
But it is far more challenging when having a bad day.
And yet the Bible tells us that in every circumstance,
God wants us to give gratitude more than a passing glance.

You’ve got to understand that God does not make bad things happen.
When things go wrong, it’s not His fault, we better reexamine...
That problem, that catastrophe, or troubles there may be
The blame should not be put upon the One who calmed the sea...

When really where it came from, is not the thing that counts.
But coming with an open heart now, dear one, that amounts...
To gratitude because you know your God is always there.
He’s ready, willing, able and He hears our every prayer.

So when your heart is heavy with the problems on your mind,
Be grateful for the God who says, “I’ll listen and you’ll find...
That I am here to counsel you, those worries bring to me,
And I will help you through it all, just talk to me, you’ll see.”

When things go wrong and you are lost, you’re not there on your own.
Your Father, God, is telling you, "Come to my heavenly throne...
Bring your concerns and all your cares, and lay them here before me
For when you come, all you must say is simply, “Lord, restore me.”

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


The short answer is, NOTHING! But as we older folks know, it can be part of the aging process for some of us. A friend from college recently shared that her husband was going to have one and so I decided to commemorate that wonderful event with a laugh and a card with a poem.

By Pat

Don't you just love it, the “getting old” game?
If someone had warned you, you’d think them insane!
They’d say, “Listen, Buster, your body will fail,
Encumbered, restricted, it's like you’re in jail!”

First, aching joints, then your back then your KNEE,
You want to keep moving? A “new” knee’s the key!
And as the years go, so do inside parts
Like gall bladders and spleens and even some hearts.

But, listen, don't worry, we all know the score,
You have lots of friends who have passed through that door.
Age, well, it happens, we're all in that club.
Though we’ve lots of members, there’s never a sub...

Who's willing to step in and then take your place.
They’re in the same boat wishing they could erase ...
A similar problem that’s worse than your own.
They’re having some “tests” and they want to go home.

The picture I paint may sound like a downer,
But you know me, don't you, I'm sort of a clown-er!
If you’ve gone this long with no knee replacement,
You’ve beaten the odds, I say in amazement!

I’ve had both mine done, (hope I don't outlive them)
And if they wear out, l'll never forgive them!
I hope that this poem has brought you a laugh.
I suppose that will be ol’ Pat’s epitaph!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


By Pat Severin
When life hands you a lemon, they say, make lemonade.
How simple that expression is, so you don’t feel afraid.
Instead, you take just what you get and find the good within it.
And if you do, you have the chance of taking every minute…
And facing it successfully, your attitude’s the best,
You’re on your way, you’ve earned each day an “A” on every test.
That sounds as if each battle’s won and you don’t have a worry,
And more than that, you just can’t wait, in fact, you’re in a hurry…
To face your world of challenges with pure determination!
You’ve got it licked, each goal is kicked, you’ll pass each situation…
With flying colors, you’re the MAN, look out world here you come.
No matter what is thrown your way, it’s always a homerun!
Well, wouldn’t that be wonderful if it were always true,
That you could handle everything that life can throw at you?
But we know, in reality, life’s struggles are just that
And there is only one way we can handle life’s attacks.
We bring them to our Father and lay them at His feet,
For we should know that we can go to Him with each entreat.
He doesn’t wave a magic wand and instantly erase them,
But He can give us strength to meet and even to embrace them.
So come to Him with every care, your struggles large and small,
And He’ll address our every mess and He’ll assuage them all.
Solutions aren’t as simple as from lemons, lemonade,
But resolutions can be found when we have truly prayed.


By Pat Severin
This summer’s warm temps kept Autumn at bay
And then when it came, it seemed like a day.
No gradual cool or leaves rustic tones.
There just wasn’t time for the creaks and the moans…
That seasons require when one of them quits.
No, there wasn’t time, yes, that, that was it.
I wasn’t provided my usual ease…
To adjust to the change, no slow cooling breeze
That signaled to me truly Autumn was here,
So how could I handle it, this time of year?
When Summer was gone, the cool had arrived
There was no impression that Autumn had strived…
To really prepare me, for Winter’s cold snap,
So I could determine, it’s time that I wrap…
Myself in a blanket with tea in one hand
And whisper, “It’s time that the world understand…
That I am retired, no reason to be…
Concerned for tomorrow, for now I can see…
That I must relax, I need not address…
A problem, decision, a small kitchen mess.
There’s nothing that I need to handle today,
I’m warm and I’m free, in an unfettered way.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021


A friend recently was the victim of unattentive driving when someone on their phone rear-ended her and pushed her car into the car in front of her.  The night I learned of this, the evening's devotion was based on this passage in Romans 5:3-5.

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they are good for us--they help us learn to endure. And endurance develops strength of character in us, a character strengthens our confident expectation of salvation. And this expectation will not disappoint us, for we know how dearly God loves us.

And that prompted this:

By Pat Severin

The Bible says that even in our trials we rejoice,
And if we listen carefully, we’d clearly hear God’s voice.
For when we're faced with trials they help to endure
And that develops character, one confident and sure.

And with that kind of confidence we see salvation’s hope
So with it we can always find God's strength to help us cope.
And furthermore, there will not be a disappointing end
For we know that He loves us, for He made His Son our friend.

A friend who took upon himself our sorrow and our wrong
And paid the price we should have born, so now we can belong...
To God the Father's family, with Jesus as our brother.
The love of God is so complete, it’s not like any other.

When trials come it’s hard for us to think of them as good,
Even though the Bible says: with every one we should.
But in the end, they lead us to the ONE who is above us
Who we can say, with confidence, will always, ever love us.  

Thursday, October 7, 2021



By Pat Severin

These Autumn days I can’t but praise this wondrous time of year
I see the beauty of His hand for everywhere He’s here...
In colors yellow, orange and red and Autumn’s fragrant sweet.
The Apples at this time of year, a luscious Autumn treat!

We mourn the loss of Summer days, the buds emerging there.
Of course, we loved those days we spent without a coat or care,
But Autumn shows the cycle of the life that Spring began
As Summer’s blossoms go to sleep, Spring’s buds will come again.

But it’s short-lived, this glorious time, soon chilled right to the core.
So bundle we, as snow we see, and yearn for Spring once more,
Anticipating it again and wishing for a change...
Of warmer rays and summer days when we can rearrange...

The flower pots, the trailing vines, the Welcome flag’s unfurled,
And kids again can play outside, there’s sunshine in the world,
As Moms and Dads grill out again, and say, “This time’s the best!
Our lives have been again renewed, that Winter was a test...

A test of our endurance of the cold, the snow and ice,
But we were able to survive and Winter was the price!”
Yes, this is just the way it is, accept what season’s bring
Until the Master warms His breath and aids the buds of Spring.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


By Pat Severin

These Autumn days I can’t but praise this wondrous time of year!
I see the beauty of His hand for everywhere He’s here...
In colors yellow, orange and red and Autumn’s fragrant sweet.
The Apples at this time of year, a luscious Autumn treat!

We mourn the loss of Summer days, the buds emerging there.
Of course, we loved those days we spent without a coat or care,
But Autumn shows the cycle of the life that Spring began
As Summer’s blossoms go to sleep, Spring’s buds will come again.

But it’s short-lived, this glorious time, soon chilled right to the core.
So bundle we, as snow we see, and yearn for Spring once more,
Anticipating it again and wishing for a change...
Of warmer rays and summer days when we can rearrange...

The flower pots, the trailing vines, the Welcome flag’s unfurled,
And kids again can play outside, there’s sunshine in the world,
As Moms and Dads grill out again, and say, “This time’s the best!
Our lives have been again renewed, that Winter was a test...

A test of our endurance of the cold, the snow and ice,
But we were able to survive and Winter was the price!”
Yes, this is just the way it is, accept what season’s bring
Until the Master warms His breath and aids the buds of Spring.


Monday, October 4, 2021


Most of you know that my favorite time of year is Autumn.  I was born in October but that really had nothing to do with my love the Fall.  It's just so beautiful, this wondrous time of year, the colors, the cooler temps, the seasonal change.  So it was all of those things that inspired me to write a brand-new poem this morning and here is the result.


By Pat Severin

The seasons change and so we see the beauty of His hand,
The changing trees, the falling leaves, ’tis Autumn in the land.
Oh, who could doubt the Master's touch observing all this splendor?
I see Him in each one of these and I can but surrender...

To the Creator of it all, the one who gives me grace
By sacrificing His own Son who suffered in my place.
Did I deserve the love He gave performing such an act?
No, not at all, though try I may, such power do l lack.

For I am but a human being a soul who God created.
Though I may be the Master's child and we might be related,
I am a sinner, that I am, who never could achieve...
A heart that's pure, God is the cure, and that you must believe.

So as you see and soak it in, the beauty that is Fall,
Make sure you thank the Lord above, Creator of it all,
For He alone can paint the leaves and bless the harvest’s plenty
And realize without His grace your soul would come up empty.

Friday, September 17, 2021



By Pat Severin

I’m sure when you’ve found clarity, when it has finally come,

You’ve said the light, indeed, has dawned and you can proceed from…

The point which had confused you, the way is clear at last

And you can leave it all behind, that point is in the past.


But have you ever looked at LIGHT, the light that made things clear

And even made connection to God’s Word, because it’s here?

It says He’s called us out of dark, His Light will light our path.

So when your life is fraught with doubt, He’s there on your behalf.


There may be times when things seem dark but God has pledged to you,

Whatever may be on your mind, He’ll always see you through.

Don’t be content to figure out your problems when they come,

Go to Him first, He’s in control, for Light, He is the One.


That’s what He meant when He explained that He is your pure Light.

Why stumble in the darkness then, His clarity is bright?

Our lives are full of days when we are faced with doubts and fear.

So take Him at His Word and know, the Light will make it clear.

Friday, September 3, 2021



By Patty Lynn

I guess it’s now a waiting game, there’s much that you have done,

I pray you’re giving it to God, that must be number one.

But that is only part of it, your psyche has to work...

Believing this will turn out right, from that you cannot shirk.


Oh, you could justify your doubts and add some good excuses,

But all in all you’d soon find out, what really is the use of…

That worrying and fretting, the “what if-ing things to death.

It truly serves no purpose and it’s simply wasted breath.


So best to set those thoughts aside, God knows the final outcome.

Just pray that you will conquer this and walk in freedom’s sun.

And so the fight to beat this thing continues, yes, it does.

Survival is the ultimate, the goal for you because...


We want to have you in our lives and you in ours, it’s true,

We think the world’s a better place, and it’s because of you.

There’s no one you has given more and yet has more to give...

For fighting this and what it takes, yes, fighting hard to live.


Your battle is continuing and I’m all-in with you,

Invested in what lies ahead and daily praying, too,

That God will strengthen you to fight to keep on keeping on.

Whate’er you face, God give His grace, until this battle’s won. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021



By Pat Severin 

If there was something I could do, if I could make it better.
Yes, if I could, you know I would, and hope that I could tether...
The worried thoughts, confusing parts you’re dealing with each day,
But how could I relieve your stress, I wish I knew a way.

All this is hard to understand, accept it...that's too much.
We’re human beings and O, such things, we’d never think would touch...
Our lives like this, we would dismiss, for this thing, it completely...
Took you by storm, it didn’t warn, the whole thing, it was sneaky.

But this is your reality, though I wish that it wasn’t,
And that it all would go away, I pray it would and doesn’t...
Invade your life, cut like a knife, that you’d from this awaken...
And in your NEW reality you’d say, “They were mistaken!”

Guess that’s enough of wishful thoughts, your fight is real and true
But though I can’t remove it, dear, I can give this to you:
The Love of your Dear Father God and tell you He is there...
To give you strength, the breadth and length of all you have to bear.

But this is how it comes to you, you must give something, too.
If you give everything to Him, His mercy comes to you.
I can assure you that He will, accept His comfort, care
In every need, your call He’ll heed, for His is always there.

I know it’s hard, this giving up yourself in sweet surrender,
But that is how, in giving up, He’ll show His mercy tender.
This simple poem I give you and it’s all that I can do
And pray for everything you need, I want the best for you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021


I'm sure you all know by now that I've been sending poems of encouragement to someone who's dealing with an incurable cancer. I mail them every week. usually on Friday so that he has it on the weekend.  The poem below will go out on Friday.  


By Pat Severin

From that moment you were told
That you indeed have cancer,
I'm sure you wondered why it was,
And wished you had an answer
Of why this happened, and to you,
A young man with no history,
No reason you could ever find,
To you it was a mystery.

But God was there, He heard your heart,
He knew you wondered why,
For after all, He’s in control.
You didn’t want to die.
You said, Dear God, remove this curse;
I’m only in my thirties.
What lies ahead, will I be fraught...
With sadness, heartaches, worries?

That answer you will never find.
The future isn’t known,
At least to us, we cannot see...
Because we’re never shown.
Our lives are held within His hand;
He guides our every minute.
So live each day as if your last;
Be sure to keep Him in it.
For from the moment we are born
Your days were His design.
So long or short, you’re guided by
The hand of the Divine. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021


 On February 23rd I wrote a story about my favorite house as a five-year-old.  That same story I've been working on in poem form and I finished it tonight.  So here is:

WHEN YOU’RE LITTLE                                            

By Patty Lynn


My family moved when I was five into a brand-new house.

It wasn’t NEW but new for us, my Mom & Dad had doubts.

We’d had a house, brand spanking new, but that house cost too much.

And they both knew that this old house would need some fixing up.


But I was not aware of that, I simply knew this house

It was for me, a girl of five, what dreams were all about.

It had a very pointy roof, a perfect chimney, too,

Just right for dear, old Santa Claus and all he has to do.


When entering my house you’d see my very favorite spot,

A window seat where I would sit and read the books I got…

From school or from the library or gifts from Grandma, too.

I kept the card she sent that said, “I hand-picked these for you!”


It had a huge-sized living room and had a rounded wall.

I’d never seen that kind before nor since, that I recall.

I’ll take you to my kitchen next, it’s got so many cupboards!

They go up to the ceiling but my Mom and Dad discovered…


That they will need a kitchen stool to reach the very top.

Mom says for things we seldom use, that’s just the perfect spot!

But there behind the kitchen was another room I loved.

My Mom created something there, just look, it’s up above…


Look up, upon the ceiling, there, Mom made a whole night sky.

There’s lots of stars and I would stare and I will tell you why…

I loved pretending that my nap was underneath the stars.

I'd make believe that I could see the Moon and sometimes Mars!


We moved away when l was eight, but didn't move too far

l still could walk to my same school and didn’t need the car.

I thought about that house, a lot, l wondered if it was…

The way it was when I lived there, wished I could see because…


It’s been four years so I don't know the way that house is now

But one day, quite surprisingly, was able to see how.

Mom sent me to the grocery store and I met someone there…

Who said she lived “right up the block” I wanted to know where.


 She said her house was painted white and had a pointy roof!

O, could it be, my favorite house? I listened for some proof.

I told her what the address was and she said, “Yeah, that's it!”

When I heard that, I've got to say, my heart, it lept a bit!


“That’s my old house.  I loved each day…every single minute...

That I was in that house of mine, time that I spent in it…

Was something I'll remember for a very long, long time!

“You'll have to come, I’ll ask my mom, I’m sure she’ll say it's fine"


We got each other's numbers and she called me that next day.    

I answered and my new friend said, “My Mom said it’s OK!”

And there I was inside the house, there was my window seat.

It looked so different still I thought, A perfect place to read!


Then straight ahead the living room, that famous rounded wall,

But, wait a minute, something’s wrong, this living room is…small!

Now, this is strange, the kitchen, sure, the kitchen is just HUGE!

I headed there and said a prayer, O, no, I’m not amused!


Why is this house not as it was, at least as I recall?

What’s going on, this can’t be right, this place is really small.

But what about the starry sky, the bedroom that I loved?

The ceiling I pretended was outside with stars above?


The memories of my childhood days, the house I held so dear,

At 12 years old the truth I see, yes, something's very clear.

You want to know just what I think? It’s really pretty simple:

The truth is that so many things seem big when you are little.


 Having written a new one for the encouragement cards I send, here is today's offering.

By Pat Severin

I think of you so often and wish I could do more.
I wish I could erase it all, wish I knew what it’s for?
But answers aren’t forthcoming and I can’t wish away
The struggles that you’re dealing with, today and every day.

The only thing I offer is my care and prayers for you,
For God is all that’s needed, only He can get you through...
The feelings and the questions and worries of the day,
The strength to face it all again, for He’s the only Way.

He tells us so explicitly He is, the Truth, the Light,
That in our darkness He is there to shine through deepest night.
And in the light of day He’s there to point us toward our path
With undeserved compassion, He provides a Love that lasts.

So in those times, those lowest times, when you feel all alone,
Remember He’s your father God who chose you as His own.
For you’re His child, His precious one, that’s what He calls you by.
He loves you like the one who died, yes, all those words apply.

And I will keep on praying, too, and sending love your way,
No matter what the future holds, that’s all that I can say.
Keep keeping on and trusting, too, God’s there, whate’re may be,
Remember that no matter what your Savior is the Key. 

Friday, July 23, 2021


Tonight I'll share the latest poem sent in a card.

By Pat Severin

Forever and always I want you to know
That God will stand by you, wherever you go.
When doubts overtake you, He will be there.
He’ll make all those doubts disappear in thin air.

So often our lives aren’t the way that we’d wish
We’re planning on steak and instead, we get fish.
But God never promised that it would be easy
We’d sail on unfettered and life would be breezy.

He rather has told us that when things get rough
Come humbly to Jesus and ask for His Love
He’ll give it completely it’s there for the asking
Whatever it is His Love’s everlasting!

He made you and gives you the promise He’ll be
At your beck and call for whatever you need.
So when life gets harried and problems beset
Just bring it to Him or be filled with regret.

Forever and always your days are His own
You're His precious Child to earth you’re on loan.
Whatever is needed, whate’re you require
He wants to enfold you and grant your desire.    

Monday, July 5, 2021


 My husband and I spent a wonderful day yesterday at the home of my sister and her husband.  Our visit was long overdue as we hadn't been there since the summer of 2019, due to the Pandemic, and our day was joyful! In addition to the two of them, her oldest daughter and her children joined us later and there were lots and lots of hugs all around.

The only sad note was learning of the passing of our former pastor's mother, a delightful, always upbeat woman who could just light up a room (or a church) by her presence.  So before I went to bed I wrote the following and created a sympathy card today which I'll soon post.

By Pat Severin

Today I learned about your loss and wished to ease your pain,
But I am not as wise as Paul who said “To die is gain.”
Those simple words, no more than four, they tell what matters most.
How is it that this earthly life is one of which we boast?
Such sorrow fills your heart today, for those that loved her, too,
She wouldn’t want your hearts to ache, for she would want for you
The kind of joy she’s feeling now, for she can live again
Right there beside the One who died, who now will take her hand
And fill her soul with joy sublime, her suffering is over.
No earthly pain or sadness there, the God she loved is closer
Than those of us who live on earth, she’s looking in His face.
All questions that she might have had, replaced with living Grace.
Though you who mourn her passing now might be consumed with grief,
Remember that she lives again and finally has relief
From all that filled her final days, the sadness of her own.
She now is free for Love complete within her Heavenly home.
And so I pray for comfort sweet and strength through all your tears,
For mem’ries of the life she lived, her love through all the years.
I pray that these will fill your heart and maybe bring a smile
For only God can help you still your sorrow for a while.

Saturday, July 3, 2021


 This poem was written this past week for a young man who is going through a difficult cancer battle, sustaining a schedule daily of chemo and radiation.  It's a very virulent cancer and I try to send him a card each week with some encouragement. This was the latest one.

I know that all this treatment that you are going through
Is more than most could handle and I'm awfully proud of you!
I may not know first-hand, it's true, but I sincerely say 
That you should be commended for all it takes each day...

To just get up and face it all and give it all you can... 
To meet head-on the challenges, you're really quite a man!
Guess you could say I deem myself your one-gal cheering section...
Who’s there to spur you on your way to follow God's direction.

Believe me, I'm not making light of all that you must face,
I'm really here reminding you of God's unending grace.
For though we have no reasons why this illness came to be,
It would be easy to give up, but God has made you FREE...

That’s free to give it all to Him for He is in control.
Remember then when doubts do come, it's God who frees your soul.
His love has made a place for you, for Jesus did it all.
He loves you and He died for you, He'll never let you fall.

So know that I am here for you, with words of hope and care.
No matter what the future holds, God's love is always there.
Keep moving forward toward the goal of living in God's love,
He's right beside you, take His hand, it fits yours like a glove.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Here's the 7th Revision!

I've been revising and revising this story on and off for about 4 months and will soon post it to my critique group on July 5th.  But before I do I thought I'd share it here and see what you all thought of it.  I've been writing poetry for some 6+ decades so when I started as a contributor to this Children's Book Critique Group, all my stories were rhyming ones.  I was encouraged to try writing a children's story in prose which I've done a few times but this still is my favorite form of writing. So having taken some of the suggestions of the group after my first posting, I've written and rewritten this story 7 times and this is the result.  Please feel free to give me your critique after reading it.  You won't hurt my feelings, quite the contrary.  I'd love to know what you think.  Thanks in advance. 

                           THE FRATS                                                      (Ages 6-9)    
                         By Pat Severin    

The Anderson twins were Fraternal, by name,
Since that’s what you call twins who don’t look the same.
The Frats, they were called, didn’t care about that.
They’d race and they’d bet at the drop of a hat.

Yes, Logan and Ethan both wanted to be 
Declared as the winner, the best one, you see. 
And so this competing to see which boy won,
It lasted from morning until day was done.

Their constant competing to find who was best,
Brought anything, everything, down to a test.
Which boy was better or who was the winner,
Who could gulp faster when eating his dinner.

The Frats, they kept at it, this betting each other
About this and that, which confounded their Mother!
“Boys, this is silly, you don't have to do this!
 All this competing, now, can’t we review this?”

“I know that you’re twins, but right here and right now,
With all this competing you’ll never see how...
You each are unique, not the same, that’s for sure,
Your contests are far more than I can endure!”

Competing and betting were all that they knew.
One minute you'd hear, “Bet that I'm taller than you!”
The other twin followed with, “Oh, no you're not!”
Then sprint to the door frame, they’d run like a shot.

Mom measured and found that their height was the same...
Which made Mom ecstatic, “Hooray!” she exclaimed,
Because if their measurements didn’t agree,
The two would start arguing and heatedly! 

Their Mother remembered the way it had been:
How Logan loved Ethan and Ethan loved him.
They played with their toys and they shared every one,
And no one got angry, and when they were done...

They’d hug and they’d smile and the next day the same.
They both loved pretending, inventing a game.
And it didn’t matter, whatever they played, 
There’d be no comparing…but why did that fade?

When they were at school, it was the same story,
Each twin was trying to get all the glory.
From whose grades were best, to points scored at soccer,
Who was the faster from class to his locker.

And what did they earn? A bad reputation...
Causing their teachers a major frustration!
It seemed that it came down to nothing but that,
One race to the finish is five seconds flat!

Their Mom hoped and prayed she could make the twins see…
That more than a rival, a brother could be…
A best friend for life like no other you’d find!
“Oh, what can I do that would change my boy’s mind?”

Then low and behold, on their way home from school,
While Logan and Ethan pretended to duel,
Completely by accident, horsing around,
As Logan lunged forward, his twin hit the ground!

But when Ethan lay there, not moving at all,
His brother was certain that he’d faked the fall.
But Ethan had stumbled, his twin didn’t see...
That when he fell backward, his head struck the tree...

Which made Logan angry, “You’re scaring me, Bro!”
But when he knelt down, he saw blood and said, “Whoa!”
He didn’t know what he should do but Mom would,
So Logan ran home just as fast as he could.

Out of breath, Logan said, “Mom, Ethan is hurt!”
“His head is all swollen; there’s blood on his shirt!”
They both ran like lightning to where Ethan lay
Right next to the tree where the two of them played.

When Mom knelt by Ethan, he opened his eyes,
Then blinked till he focused, “What happened, you guys?”
“Remember the dueling...Ethan, remember?”
“So, that’s why my head hurts, ouch! It’s so tender!”

The boys started laughing and that’s when Mom knew
That Ethan was fine and would be good as new!
And there, at that moment, the Anderson twins,
Learned what was important so each of them wins.

They’d be the best brothers and twins they could be
And best friends forever was their guarantee!

Friday, June 4, 2021


I don't have to tell you that there are times when we're going through something in our lives where we feel that we SHOULD be able to control the outcome, we SHOULD be able to fix it. Especially if we're a take-charge person, a get-it-done person who evaluates, sees what needs to be done and...does it! But whether you're a Christian or not, we don't have control of the outcome. God is ALWAYS in control and the sooner we recognize it, the sooner we can step back and let him take the reins. 

By Pat Severin

It seems so often unprepared we can’t believe it’s true.
How could it be, look, this is me, that’s why I come to you...
And ask you why has this occurred? I’m lost and can’t make sense... 
Of all this is, what do I do, this problem’s so immense!

But though I beg and though I plead, your answers just don’t come.
This kind of thing it happens, yes, but, Lord, now I’m the one?
I don’t know what to do with this, why don’t you answer me?
It’s time you sent an Angel down, explain this so I see...

What your plan is, or, better yet, how will this whole thing end?
This wasn’t in MY plan at all, what do I do...pretend?
Pretend that I will be OK and I can handle this?
If I don’t make it, Lord, what then, there's so much that I’ll miss!

I know I’m rambling, going ‘round and ‘round and ‘round again,
But, Lord, I need some answers here, and when will this scourge end?
Calm down, I know, I know I should, but this is how I feel!
Of all I’ve had in my short life this is the biggest deal!

So here I am on bended knee, I come to you in prayer.
I think it would be great if I could see you standing there
And hear your voice and have you say that it will be alright.
But, Lord, I'm trying to believe that you'll bring ALL your might!

I wish that you’d erase it all, at least I wish you would,
And yet the Bible says that you will turn all things for good.
And so I pray, Lord, for your strength and that you’ll see me through.
But could it be the answer is...
                                    CONTROL BELONGS TO YOU?

Sunday, May 23, 2021


 I wrote this today with the determination to try another new form.  I don't know if a whole piece using this type of rhyme is for me.  I've used in occasionally in some of my past poems but this is the first time I've used it consistently.  Again, like it or not, it's a new form.


Pat Severin


Getting old or so I’m told’s, a natural progression.

How can that be, for now it's me, taking this regression?

I’ve asked around but haven't found a way to stop this game.

You say you’ve tried, your hope has died, your info’s just the same?


This aging thing deserves a swing and then a hefty punch.

Perhaps I'm stuck (that's just my luck) it's hopeless, is my hunch.

I've got to say, what's true today, (you've heard these words before,)

Why can they send, I told my friend, a rocket ship that soars...


Right to Moon and still this gloom surrounds me every day.

And yet this thing, this aging thing they haven't found a way...

To end it now, solutions how to stop it in its tracks.

They're scientists, they must have tricks that halt these darn attacks!


This answer, NO, I hate it so, I wish I could pursue...

A way to end, at least suspend, could find some avenue...

To my desire, can't help aspire to what cannot be found,

Besides I'd be a wealthy me if I could make some ground.


Well, guess that's it to make it stick, you get my point, I'm sure.

Some can accept what I reject, alas, there is no cure.

This growing old, if truth be told, is something I detest!

Accepting age as just a stage is way too hard a test!

Saturday, May 22, 2021


I've been experimenting lately.  As you know, my last entry was my first attempt at a love sonnet and this time it's a new rhyming pattern.  I don't know if you want to know, but my poems generally take a form of 8/6 or 8 beats and 6 beats. This entry follows a 10/10 patterns, meaning each line has 10 beats in it. I'm not sure I like it but, as I said, I'm experimenting. We've got to try new things! Some people my age try skydiving, me, I try new poetic forms.  Pretty darn exciting, huh?  Anyway, I'm writing poems of encouragement lately as so many people are dealing with difficult things, so it's a good place to start.


By Pat Severin


Life often changes what may be Our Plan,

Leaves us to question, we don’t understand.

What have I done, Lord, and what can I say...

To change all of this OR must I just pray?

Just pray’s not a JUST, He hears all your pleas.

He needs you to come, head bowed on your knees.

Fervently ask for the strength He can give,

A heart that’s for Him, He’ll help you live.


Sometimes this life may bring storms that are rough,

Rage with such fury till we’ve had enough!

Sometimes God calms them but sometimes He won’t,

Ask, Lord, where are you? You seem so remote!

But we have to come when storms rage about,

Filled with our worry and shackled with doubt

Our heart's missing something but our life is, too,

God wants to bring calm to wash over you.


When trials will come and you know that they will,

Ask for His strength and His words of “Be still!”

He’s willing and waiting for you to ask.

What you think is hard is His easy task.

He loves you and wants to be with you today...

Always remember to take time to pray.

Life will bring storms like dealing with cancer,

But life in HIS LOVE, that is the answer!

Sunday, May 16, 2021


 I said to myself, self, its been quite a while since I've posted and the things I have are too personal to post so I decided to try my hand at writing a love sonnet.  Keep in mind, this is my first attempt but here it is.


By Pat Severin

My heart is full, such happiness,
And I must tell you all
That love has called and charmed me so,
And I must heed the call.

What is it that has captured me?
Who makes me feel like this?
Alas, 'twas he, my heart's desire,
And, oh, my Lover's kiss!

That's why 'tis he that fills my heart
With this euphoric feeling,
That grants me such contentment,
That has my spirit reeling!

Is this what I have yearned for,
The freeing of my heart
That gives me this sensation?
But that is only part...

Of that which poets write about,
Composers must possess...
To write their music lyrical,
That Lovers do profess.

I can but say that now, at last,
That thing for which I’ve longed
Has captured me, a prisoner, I,
'Tis here where I belong!