Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Poetic Pursuits

 I know it's been a while since I've posted but I haven't stopped writing, quite the opposite. Now actively writing children's books and being part of a wonderfully talented critique group l'm writing or critiquing on a regular basis. Over the last week l took a brief departure due to birthdays, anninversaries and a need to write a specific poem for someone who had given up her cancer battle and chosen to go into hospice. I've posted the poems here as proof that I indeed have been busy writing.

The first two are ones written for my dear grandsons who will turn 14 on the 30th:

 #1 - HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY 2020

My goodness, it’s your fourteenth year, I can't believe it's true.
It seems like only yesterday I held & sang to you…
And taught you how to tie you shoes, and wiped your tears away
And watched you swing and run & jump your way through every day.

Yes, that was many years ago, you've changed a lot since then,

But Grandma's keep these memories that mean so much to them.
And you will have some memories of these Pandemic days
For things have changed so much for you in oh so many ways.

 It’s made a big impression on you and all of us

For life is so much different, we’ve all had quite enough…
Of being very careful, and staying very far
From everyone but family and, boy, it’s been bazaar!

But with some social distance we’ve kept at least some friends…

From being, though restricted, just Covid odds and ends.
Because it takes more effort and some technology
For us to stay connected, it’s strange, quite honestly.

 With all of that it’s still a year that shown how much you’ve grown

In inches and in who you are, those changes you have shown,
The kind of human you’ve become, that caring side of you
That lets me see the moments that show Jesus coming through.

 And so on this your birthday, I wish the virus past

So we can all experience some healthy days that last.
I pray the years ahead of you are filled with all good things,
Of school that’s like it used to be, the happiness that brings.

#2 - HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY 2020

So here it is, another year, and changes by the score!
I marvel at how much you’ve grown, in inches and much more.
I still remember when you were that boy that loved those gears
And always chose the color RED. You’ve kept that through the years.
I know you’ve heard me say these words, “Come on, where are my babies?”
But that just tells you you’ve been loved, no ifs, no ands, no maybes!
Of course, you know, that even though this Covid nightmare’s real
And getting it for anyone can be a great big deal…
That I don’t like this distance stuff and just a hug would do,
But most of all it would be nice to just sit next to you.
We must accept the way it is, thanks to the White House guy,
Who we all hope won’t serve again and Joe will make him fly.

But if He’s serves another term, the thought of it still bites,
We’ll pray he’ll listen to the facts, let science set things right.
But this is for your birthday, your 14th year, oh, my!
Each time you age the part I hate is, Gavin, so do I.

You’re finished with your schooling and are feeling quite fulfilled.
And I’ll be even shorter then and I’ll look up at you
A “Pocket Grandma,” that’s for sure, and I’ll just say, “What’s new?”
But I will try to slowly age and stick around until…

It’s hard for me to see you grow for soon you’ll be a man,
But I know God’s got much in store, though we don’t know His plan.
I just know this, you’ll make your mark, “Look out world, here he comes!”
Creating beats and Covid raps and playing on his drums.

Happy 18th Anniversary 

I can’t begin to tell you what you both mean to me.
You’ve given me so many things and much that you can’t see,
The blessing of your kindness, the love you’ve always shown,
The constant understanding like few have ever known.
You’ve always made me welcome and I’m always glad I’ve come.
I’m blessed to be, so willingly, both Grandmother and Mom.
But long before those boys were born I was so proud of you,
The strength you’ve shown when things get tough, those times, there’ve been a few.
Yet when the trials of having twins brought challenges your way
Your love grew even stronger still, each moment, every day.
But of the ones that take their toll, the family kind can drain…
The very best of marriages and brings both stress and strain,  
But somehow you’ve come through with strength, a trait I so admire,
A strength that’s gained from love that’s deep that marriages require.
My Kerrie, you’re my daughter and be my friend for life,
A mother who’s both loving and forgiving through the strife.
And Will, I’ve told you many times how much you mean to me.
You’ve proven an example of just what a son should be.
So on your anniversary I want you both to know
I’m blessed to be a witness to the years I’ve seen you grow.
You bring me many blessings, I’m honored that I am
The Mom and, yes, the Grandma who can see the diagram…
Of just what true love looks like and what marriages should be,
Not perfect, but it comes darn close, comes with no guarantees,
Yet nothing can be perfect but if your love is strong
A marriage that you work on, can last a whole life long.
And so I wish the two of you, on this your special day,
A Happy Anniversary, my love I send your way.

Because God Does Forgive

Our hearts were sadly broken when we learned that you no more
Will fight your cancer battle. But glory is in store...
As you leave earth behind you and those who’ve loved you long
To be where God will greet you to sing your triumph song.
You’ll be with our Dear Father and look into His face
And see His loving kindness and live His wondrous Grace.
So those of us who’ll miss you will have to wait until
We’ll join you there forevermore, as is the Savior’s Will.
And so, Dear Friend, just know that you have truly left your mark.
You’ve shown God’s love in all you’ve done, have truly been the spark
That lit the very light of Christ in all the lives you’ve touched
And for that reason we will keep your essence closely clutched
Inside our hearts in memories while wishing it weren’t so
And we could keep you here with us and never let you go.
God grant you peace that comes to those who’ve had a life well-lived,
The joy of reaching heaven's home, because God does forgive.
We pray that your transition is both swift and free from pain,
As you keep ever mindful of the treasure you will gain.
May God be with your family and help them as they grieve
And may they all accept the love and comfort they receive. 

Well, that's what I've been up to!!!Whew!

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