Monday, July 27, 2020


As many, many parents face the dilemma as to whether to send their children back to school in the face of this pandemic, our family does also.  My daughter's two boys are the children of consideration and as a very close grandma we all are facing this impossible choice.  As always, I deal with this in poetry form.



What do we do, I’m asking you, with school this coming fall?

This virus has us so perplexed, we just can’t think at all.

We thought our isolation would give a fighting chance

But Washington was late to act and all they did was dance.


So we looked to the scientists, to follow their direction

But Covid’s not been seen before, they guessed, then gave correction.

We thought that through the paths they took there’d come some understanding,

But all we’ve learned was they don’t know and this fight’s never-ending!


But faced with an economy that couldn’t get much worse

We hoped to open up again to fill the nation’s purse.

Then businesses that suffered could slowly start anew

But anxiousness, too much too soon, revealed the Covid truth.


And that is, Covid’s virulent, affecting young and old

With numbers and statistics that prove it’s not controlled.

That’s bad enough but some don’t even practice common sense

Resuming life without a thought, at everyone’s expense.


Not only that they thumb their nose and do it all with fervor,

They care not that they're spreading this and flaunt their choice as clever.

My worry has profoundly grown for schools, likewise our nation.

The state of things, it breaks my heart, I can’t sit back with patience…


As if someday this all will change and we’ll live as we did.

The world we knew is gone for good, that life we’ll never live.

How can we send our children back, resume the schools again?

The danger’s real and yet they need activities and friends.


The sixth-month isolation has left them all depressed.

How can they do assignments and study then for tests?

They yearn for what they had before, returning to their school

But aren’t we really throwing them into a virus pool?


How can we trust the school to do the disinfecting tasks,

Remind them all to wash their hands & always to wear masks?

And will the virtual option here provide a teacher who

Will talk to them, and every day, sometimes to parents too?


How will it look inside the school with six-feet ‘tween them all?

Will they be watched, reminded too, as they walk down the hall?

And has this really been thought out with real consideration?

I’m not convinced that this is wise, all I feel is frustration.

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