Sunday, May 31, 2020


Like many of you, what happened to George Floyd affected me in a dramatic way. I know similar events have happened before, I’m sad to say, but to see it from start to finish on my TV tore at my heart.  That this still occurs in our world, a world that almost two hundred years ago freed the slaves, hasn't advanced, but more importantly, seeing someone no, not just someone, a “civil servant,” blantantly feeling justified in taking the life of another human being, no, committing murder, on-camera was beyond words.  The poem that follows is my attempt.

By Pat Severin

I think that it’s despicable that prejudice still reigns,
That some Whites view their race as pure, while hatred leaves such stains.
What makes them feel they’re justified to put the Black race down,
Regard themselves superior to ones whose skin is brown?

Have they not learned a single thing since blacks were bought and sold,
The lesson of the Golden Rule, so simple and so old?
ALL men have been created by the perfect Master’s hand.
If one race stands above the rest the flames of hate are fanned.

But CRUELTY is race-less and it must be judged as that
No matter who engages in a thoughtless heinous act.
For no one is above the law, it stands for HUMAN justice;
When men pledge to uphold those laws, ALL citizens should trust this.

What’s happened to our country that Black men must live in fear…
Of being judged because they’re black, where is the justice here?
Our laws are made for ALL men and applies to all the races
And yet the black man's singled out, just tell me where the grace is?

It must be this that laws are laws no matter who you are   
And treatment is humane to all and doesn’t go too far.
Aren’t all regarded innocent before considered guilty
And shouldn't those who take an oath, uphold it as it should be?

And what conclusion should we draw when one who should know better
Ignores the law and demonstrates how he’s by hatred fettered,
Then filled with hate and vitriol feels murder’s justified,
That George Floyd’s not deserving of his basic human rights?

But if we let our anger rule, the harm of that deduction
Is innocents will suffer from our unchecked mass destruction.
And what is gained from cursing those, can that change this injustice?
It only makes the ones who watch grow more and more disgusted.

All I can say is this MUST stop, that justice must prevail,
And never should we stand to hear another black man wail…
That he “can’t breathe” and watch such hatred daily taking place!
We can’t stand by while judging's done by the color of a face!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Guess we're all in the same boat but the boat has a hole in it so when will we sink?  Yes, that is the question for boats and for America.  If I hear the word "unprecedented" one more time I think I'm going to lose my lunch!  It is, mind you, unprecedented times we're going through but "find another word!"  All I'll say on the subject is we'd all be better off if we could make it "unpresidented" time.  Wake up, America and above all else, VOTE, AMERICA,VOTE!

“New Normal?”

Pandemic, pandemic, upending our lives,
We’re hoping that someday our “normal” arrives…
So we can go back to the way things had been.
But dreams that are like that, are hollow and thin…

Because things have changed & forever will be
A new kind of "normal" for you and to me.
No more big events, no public embraces,
No more giving kisses, there're masks on our faces.

When will it be safe to again shop in stores,
Or bathe in the sun on the beach by the shore?
We’ll have to remember six feet is as close 
As we'll ever be, for how long? No one knows.

Vaccine, oh vaccine, how we long for completion
But when will it happen? no rhyme and no reason,
For those who’re in charge, oh, I use the term loosely,
Keep us in the dark, so when will the truth be…

Given to us for we all need to know it,
But the evil’s so deep, keep it quiet, don’t show it.
Yes, we’re in the hands of such liars and cheaters
Whose role is to be our country’s mistreaters.

America's dying not just from the virus.
It’s death executed by those in disguises
Who care not for us but only their gains
And love of themselves and the sound of their names,

For fame and for money, does that sound familiar?
Their only allegiance is found in their mirrors.
So, please approach slowly for some will chastise
Self-love is contagious…
                                    just look in their eyes!