Saturday, November 23, 2019


Last Tuesday our dear, sweet Cooper left us, left us with the impossible task of deciding whether he should stay with us a bit longer or leave this world suffering.  He had developed a tumor that occupied his entire internal cavity, was unable to eat and eliminate and was in pain.  It didn't matter that we had him in our lives for 14 years, the thought of him not being with us was agonizing.  Yet we had to make a decision that even given all the medical facts was a difficult one.  Anyone who's had to make that decision will attest, it doesn't get much harder than that.  But we made the decision, the only one we could, a decision out of love not to let him suffer. And even though we know it was the right one, it doesn't make us miss him any less.  This poem is dedicated to him and all those out there that have had to deal with the loss of a pet.


They have a way of getting deep within the heart of you.
They fill your days with happiness and love their whole life through.
We call them pet and yet they are much more than that to us.
Their love is unconditional, they give because they must.

They fill our days with happiness, so glad when we are there,
That faithful wag, it tells us that they’ll always, always care.
A walk, a meal, a stroke, a hug, makes their whole world complete
For seeing us is all they need when gone an hour, a week.

It matters not the length of time we’ve left them there because
They know that we’ll return again, that tail is our applause.
The years go by and often we can take them so for granted.
We’re sure they’ll always be with us, not leave our world dismantled.

But life without them’s not the same, we miss them, miss them so,
No matter if their life was long, can’t bear to see them go.
And that’s because that part they had inside our hearts must be
Relinquished to the emptiness if we no longer see

That loving soul that’s occupied that special place within.
Our longing heart just wishes that we’d see that face again.
Yes, we are left in agony because we never thought
About that day when they’d be gone, conveniently forgot.

So here we are with lonliness and sadness that won’t end.
We’ve lost a part that can’t be filled except by that dear friend.
Impossible to fill the void that we must bear alone
But better we have been because they graced our life and home.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


This post comes to you with an apology since, as the title expresses, it's been a long, long time.  I know I have been neglecting this blog but much has been going on.  I've been writing a book about my mother that I hope to have ready by Christmas as a gift for my family and re-publishing a poetry book that I previously published in 2010.  Though I haven't written any poetry for this blog, I have been writing poetry for birthdays and anniversaries as family members celebrated theirs but since they're personal in nature, I haven't posted them here.  That being said, with the suggestion of a friend, I include the following as an example of how humor can sometimes be found in the worst of circumstances.

Well, first I must apologize, I’ve been a bit remiss,
Could give you my excuses but I freely must admit
I have been writing, yes I have, but not so much a post
But that's about to change because this entry is foremost:


For those of you who know me well, you know I tend to fall,
Not just a simple tumble, no, let’s say, these falls aren’t small.
I’ve fallen down the basement stairs, a trip to the ER.
Yes, I concussed, t’was worth the fuss, and that one left a scar.

I’ve fallen in the garden plants, got up, then fell again.
I’ve fainted on the bathroom floor complete with bloody chin.
I fallen off the backyard deck and hit the bricks below,
Not even in the winter months, can’t blame the ice and snow.

There was the time I chased the dog but he just wouldn’t quit.
A trip upon stacks of sticks propelled me, I admit,
Into the side of the garage, I took a mighty smack.
ER again and all stitched up, I seem to have a knack.

Then there’s the time I sat right down upon the kitchen chair.
First, it was there, then it was not, but I was unaware.
I took a pretty hefty blow to my behind and then
No worse for wear, they stood me up and sat me down again.

But recently I fell outside the local pharmacy,
Misjudged the step, fell UP, I guess, inept, you must agree.
Now that completely laid me up, with four full days of rest.
I chipped my tooth, yes, it’s the truth, I wasn’t at my best.

Then three weeks later, just last week, I fell flat on my face,
Was coming in my own front door, tripped UP again with grace.
But that one was the hardest hit, my forehead and my cheek.
My purple “shiner’s” spreading now and I look like a freak!

My new eyeglasses bit the dust, my boots sustained a tear.
So there was damage, not just me, that fall gave me a scare.
Perhaps my depth perception is not quite what it should be
Or I maybe a clumsy oaf, misjudging what I see.

I haven’t got the answer, wish I did, to tell the truth.
It would be nice if falls and trips were like they were in youth.
No witnesses when you misstepped, that was your big concern.
Infrequent were the times you fell, each was a lesson learned.

But falls are different when you age, oft times bring injury
That can be serious, leave their mark, can cause you misery.
So take the word from one who knows, be careful when you step.
Think once then twice, observe the path, make this your daily prep!