Sunday, September 29, 2019


The above title is one that asks me to state the obvious because the only way to conclude it is: A long time since...I've posted anything to my blog. Duh! But there is a reason. No, I didn't move or die or forget and I'm really glad that I didn't do the middle one. Of course, I wouldn't be posting at all, if that were case. The truth is that I've been writing and it's been my focus for the past few months.

As a member of SCBWI, the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators, I was working with other writers and posting some of my Children's Books, as they were also doing, and then critiquing one another's work. Their input was invaluable and lead us all to re-evaluate and rewrite our stories.  The fact that I was the only one who wrote in poem-form kept things interesting.  In between times I entered a few contests and even submitted some of my work to publishers but predictably it didn't lead to any of my stories or poems actually being "picked up," that is published. I say, actually, because I still have much to learn about the industry and one time I've found to be true from those who have shared their publishing journey is that securing a publishing contract takes years to gain.

I've attended a few writing conferences and participated in some online workshops but currently have been rewriting the 154-page book, WHAT'S IN A RHYME? that I self-published back in 2010. The process with a book that large has taken a lot of time but I had learned so much from the writing critiques that I wanted to go back and "improve" many of my poems, then republish it.  Hopefully, it will be ready for a proofer to go over soon and catch the things I've missed. Then I'll re-self-publish!

In addition, I've been writing an account if my mother's life that's nearing completion.  It's really a glimpse at her life with an emphasis on those experiences that I believe were, in part, responsible for the Bipolar Illness that she suffered from in the last 20 years of her life.  It will be a book l will also self-publish and give to members of our family.

So there you have it, the reasons why l haven't posted for a while and the ongoing reasons I probably won't be doing much posting until these projects are complete.