Friday, March 15, 2019


I really have a lot to tell you all but for today I'll just post this very applicable poem that I started a while back during another time of "writer's block.

By Patty Lynn

It’s been so long, so very long, since I have thought in rhyme.
In fact, it’s been about four months and that's a lot of time.
So what's the problem, why the gap, that's not at all like me?
Perhaps I'd better analyze just what is wrong with me?

There hasn't been a moment when I felt some inspiration,
Or moments fled, I went to bed, succumbed to sleep's sedation.
Another day, it came and went, I didn’t feel creative.
I guess, I'd say, each passing day, just left me vegetative.

It’s times like this I'd have to ask, what poem should Patty write?
But I’d be stumped for answers, my thoughts, they all took flight.
So now you see the reason why my poems have sorta stopped.
I don't know why, though hard I try, what plan should I adopt?

The truth is that I've written some, but wrote for private reasons,
A birthday here a wedding there or something for the season.
But for myself, I don't know how to get that "certain feeling",
I’m at a loss, my thoughts are tossed, I'm staring at the ceiling.

No, nothing comes though I try hard, I cannot find the answer.
But wait…I know the very thing…why, it's a baby's laughter.
That very thought and I am caught, with that, my thoughts ignite!
And now I can begin to write, with that my mind takes flight.

That’s just the thing to light the spark that starts with just a smile.
The picture takes, for goodness sake, and soon I’ll find the style
That best will serve the poem’s verse, the type of rhyme I’ll use,
And though it took some time for this, there’s no way to refuse.

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