Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine Thoughts

Tonight I'm sharing a Valentine poem I wrote for a loved one.  I've removed some of the very personal aspects of the poem for this posting.

I do want to take this opportunity to let the readers know that if anyone would like an original poem written for you, such requests are welcome.  There is really nothing so meaningful as a poem specific to a particular person for a special occasion.

If that is something that you might want, all you have to do is contact me.  You can reach me at my email address:

By Patty

This Valentine’s I wish that I could shower you with flowers,
With pounds and pounds of chocolates that you could eat for hours,
But some say that those flowers are explicitly for girls
And though you'd love the candy, dear, your health is my concern…

So, Sweetheart, I will give you just what I do each day,
A heart that loves and cares for you in every single way,
A friend that you can talk to, who'll listen to your thoughts,
Who'll offer a perspective, support you at all costs.

I'll be your friend and confidant, if that is what you need,
And even be available to sometimes intercede.
If that’s the thing you want from me I'll do it without question,
Agree with you I may not do, but consider yoursuggestion.

But all in all I'll love you, dear, with all my heart can give.
I'll be your wife, your friend for life, as long as we both live.
I didn't need a holiday to tell you all these things,
But Valentine's the perfect time because of what it brings…

It brings a concentration of things that all say LOVE,
Hearts and flowers, thoughts of Spring, and even turtle doves.
These words & gifts have always been with LOVE associated,
But simply put, I Love You, Dear, and that's not complicated!


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