Monday, January 7, 2019


Today's poem was one of those rare ones that almost write themselves. I haven't really been in a poetic mood for a while but I thought I should write something related to the fact that we're starting a new year.  So I started the first couple of lines, rewrote them a couple of times and, frankly, got nowhere.

Then today, I picked up my tablet and just started writing.  Not only did I find that it was "flowing" almost on its own but, surprisingly, I was able to experiment with a poem within a poem technique, where there's rhyming in the middle of a line.  So, the following is the result. 

By Patty Lynn

Today's the day a new year starts, two thousand and nineteen.
So like the rest I'll do my best with pledges that I mean.
Not empty, shallow promises, too difficult to keep
But so sincere, this is the year, I won't be a lost sheep… 

Disgusted that I cannot stick to goals most realistic,
Then beat myself with that same stick, becoming a statistic,
Just one more one who tries to do the things I wish I could do,
But, as they say, the well laid plans are plans laid to undo you.

Why do we set those goals at all, those things we know we should do?
Why can't they just be part of us, those things are just good for you?
Now, if you are committed, create a “fool-proof” way 
To stick to it, no trick to it, and you can save the day!

So quit that New Year’s habit of making resolutions.
Just change your ways, and don't delay, you'll come to this conclusion:
Evaluate your habits, sort out the bad for good,
And you will see, no mystery, to doing what you should!

The payoff is you’re better, the new YOU is the bomb!
Facilitate, you'll radiate the changes that you want.
So leave those lists and focus, the changes can be made
And best of all, well, you'll stand tall, no New Year's games were played!