Thursday, December 27, 2018


You know, as we get older and older we're fraught with aches and pains almost on a regular basis. It's no picnic but it is what it is and it got me to thinking. You run into somebody you know and what's the first thing they ask after the hello, "How are you?" It's a polite inquiry. Some do really care about you and that little question is sincere, some are just being polite.

My husband and I walk the Fox River Mall every Monday through Friday, starting out at Penneys (in the catalog department) and going to the other end (Sears)and back. Everytime we walk through Penneys if we pass a clerk we're greeted with, you guessed it, "Hi, how are you?"

For the most part people expect you to say, "Fine, how are you?" And there you have it. Nobody wants to hear, "I'm finding this walk really painful and I can't wait to sit down and take a pain pill or when I got up this morning I was so stiff I could hardly put one foot in front of the other." And in asking how they feel, we don't want to know their details either.

My point is that life is too short to spend any time complaining. It doesn't change anything anyway. That old adage, "Grin and bear it" is a good one.
So put a smile on your face and be thankful to be alive. God is so good.
Celebrate that He cares for you. Things could certainly be worse.

by Patty Lynn

So many with their greeting
Add this, "So how've you been?"
Though tempted you say, "oh, I'm fine,
How've you been lately, friend?"

And he responds, "Oh, I've been fine.
'Twas nice to see you, friend."
And so it goes, for we all know,
Complaining's where it ends.

For no one really wants to hear
Your laundry list of woes,
The aches and pains that bother you
From head down to your toes.

Besides complaining does no good,
Won't change the situation.
But fortunately, there's one whose glad
To hear each aggravation?

Your Lord above who loves you so
Is always poised and ready
To hear from you, no matter what,
His care is strong and steady.

He knows exactly how you've been,
Is glad to hear your voice.
He can effect improvement, too.
He's always your best choice...

To share your triumphs, sorrows, too,
Your trials and tribulations.
He understands just how you feel
In every situation.

Take comfort, He knows everything,
Today and, yes, tomorrow.
He's always there, to always care,
Through happiness and sorrow.

So when you're asked, "So how you?"
Though maybe you think, "Crappy!"
Just smile on through, that's what you do,
Say, "I'm just fine and happy!"

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