Thursday, December 27, 2018


Tonight's blog concerns itself with my two beloved grandchildren, Gavin and Ian.  Because they are so special, I decided to get them something special, something personal to them and me.  I got each a chain bearing something that spoke to each one and said something different but would be something that each could look at a be reminded about the moment that I gave this gift to them. 
Gavin's was I the shape of a shield and the words on the back spoke about being brave and confident because God is always there to spur us on to accomplish great things.  Ian's was a soccer ball and around it were the words  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".  They seemed truly happy with their gifts and in addition, I wrote each one a poem:

My Sweet Ian

You may think this is kinda weird, “Why’s Grandma writing this?”
Well, Ian, this is just for you, my special boy, this Christmas.
I wanted you to know my heart, just how much love I have…
Within my heart, since you were born, for that’s when it began.

But you are growing up now and my love’s growing too,
So I just want to tell you how my love has changed for you.
A pre-teen or young adult is what they call you now,
That darling baby, active boy, replaced by YOU, somehow.

But I accept you’re growing up, though I sure miss my baby,
That tiny one is gone for good, no ifs, no ands, not maybe.
Yes, I can tell you more about the love I have and why,
You’re such a special, “young adult” these traits to you apply:

I’m proud of how you dig right in, stick with it till it’s mastered,
You don’t give up, you work real hard, until your question’s answered.
Most people think that you’re the guy whose only “thing” is soccer,
But I know you have other things you stay with till they’re conquered.

I see your talent growing, too, as you approach piano.
That instrument will serve you well, your interest’s deep, not shallow.
I love the love you have for it, the way you try new things
And as you do you’ll feel the joy that music really brings.

This little poem from me to you is meant to let you know
That you’re my special, unique boy, my love forever grows.
Remember that your Jesus, too, is watching from above
And seeing how you learn and grow and giving you His Love.

This gift to you, it honors, sure, your soccer in the center
But read the words around the ball remembering when you enter…
A game or something new that comes or something new you’re trying,
God’s strength will help you to succeed if with Him you’re relying.

My Dearest Gavin

This Christmas is the perfect time to tell you how I feel,
Although you’re thinking, “Sure, I know, her love for me is real,
Real big, real true, it never stops, she tells me all the time.”
That’s true I do but can’t compare to God’s love that’s divine!

But this time you’re a young adult or pre-teen, some would say,
So my love’s for the boy you were, a boy that’s on his way
To be the man you will become, a special man, I know,
My love will be a lot like you, for it will grow and grow.

I love you for so many things that make you so unique,
The way your special mind works, your creativity,
The way you soak up all you read on subjects that appeal,
I love to hear you tell me all the special things you feel.

I love the way you play your drums, your talent is amazing!
I’m well aware you have a gift, I hear it when you’re playing.
And you’ll stick with it, doing well, for many years to come.
The more you do your talent will be felt by everyone.

And so I wanted to create this poem to tell you some
Of all the things about you, dear…you’re unlike anyone!
Please read the words on the enclosed, words picked for you from me,
And if you need reminding, please read them and you’ll see…

That God and I believe in you, will love you for forever,
And since we do, you’ll always know to us you are a treasure.
There’s no one who is quite like you and always please remember
That this is why I wrote these words this Christmas, this December.

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