Sunday, December 2, 2018

Two Christmas Poems for the Price of One

This year for Christmas I decided to do Christmas cards.  I haven't done cards for a long time as until last year I'd send out a letter and a poem for the occasion.  Last year I started sending ecards to those whose emails I had but they have gotten mixed reviews.  I do like sending ecards for birthdays and anniversaries as the cost of the "store bought" variety is getting insanely expensive.  Seems such a waste since the reality is that the recipient opens it, reads it, says, "Awww" and discards it. Such a waste.
Well, this year I received so many "free" cards from organizations I've contributed to one or twice and had a stockpile of at least 75.  So I wrote a poem and enclosed it in the cards and sent them on to friends and family.  Tonight's first offering is the poem that I enclosed in my sent cards and the other I wrote today and wished this was the poem I had sent with my cards.  Hope you like them and

By Patty Lynn

The candles are glowing and outside it's snowing.
It looks like an old Christmas card!
The scenes taking shape, what more would it take,
Perhaps, a few deer in the yard?

The church in the distance adds its touch of Christmas
With a steeple that's lit by the moon.
As this scene comes together it's hard to remember
The dog days, those hot days of June.

The kids squeal with glee as you light up the tree
And they eye all the presents and bows.
Will their wishes be granted, would the toys that they wanted...
Be in there or will there be…CLOTHES!

All this is so typical and just so predictable
But something is missing from this.
Have you retold the story of the Babe who brought Glory
Or have you’ve been sadly remiss?

How long since you told that story of old,
Giving children and loved ones the key?
For it's His birth, you see, that saved you and me.
He loves unconditionally!!

So as you prepare for the customs you share,
Remember the “real" reason why
We celebrate Christmas, God's love & forgiveness
Came down with that Babe to supply.

By Patty Lynn

Thanksgiving now is over, I mean the eating part;
I hope we'll still be grateful, all year & from the heart.
But does it all continue, throughout the year, I mean?
Do we look into our loved one's eyes or look down at our screen?

Technology's a marvel, the things we now can do,
But if the cost for humankind is ignoring me & you,
Is the whole thing really worth it, if we sacrifice each other?
Is looking down and “far away" really worth the loss, I wonder?

But this was not the reason for my poem tonight, not this,
No, rather I was going to say, it's Christmas time, resist...
The spending, if it's way too much, the eating overdone,
But rather let's enjoy it all, with loved ones, everyone

And most of all remember that Christ came at Christmas time,
Was lowly born to save the world for Heaven all sublime.
He didn't have a fanfare to announce His regal birth,
This baby had an angel choir to proclaim it to the earth.

I wish that I had heard their song, the choir that filled the sky,
And if I saw His precious face, I know that I would cry
Because each baby that I see elicits tears from me,
But seeing Him, the Bethlehem Babe, a torrent you might see.

I know a gift as that would be a gift for all the ages,
But keep in mind that awesome gift is one that still amazes,
For every Christmas that you spend with family & friends
It celebrates the Baby’s birth, the gift that never ends.

The Savior of the world was born that we might live forever,
Not on the earth but evermore with Him, our greatest treasure.
And all He asks is merely this, believe His promise true,
He came, He died, and rose again, all this for love of you!

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