Thursday, December 27, 2018


You might recall that last year about this time I told you of our generous neighbor across the street who continues to shovel us out whenever it snows.  Additionally, he was there this summer helping us with our 15 bags of mulch when he thought we could use his help.  And he was so right!
We haven't had a lot of snow yet this season but we know we can depend on our snow to be removed.  That's one worry we can check off our list.  We always remember his family at Christmas and I include a poem as well.  Thi is this year's offering:

By Pat

The two of us feel blessed to live exactly where we do
And doubly blessed we’ve come know a family like yours, too.
Who’s always there to lend a hand whenever one is needed,
Who doesn’t wait for us to ask or come because we’ve pleaded,

Who helps us out, who understands that age, at best, is limiting
And we, as years continue on, find strength, at best, diminishing.
But you’re the kind of neighbors who step in when jobs get tough
Are willing and so able that you’re there when it’s too rough…

For older couples who may try but sometimes don’t succeed
To do the things that must be done, you understand our need.
You see us keeping on our tasks, we do the best we can,
Though sometimes, all our efforts can’t complete what we began.

That’s why we’re blessed because we know God placed your family
With loving hearts right where He did, you help so willingly.
It means the world to us to know that we can count on you
To help us out when needs arise, we know that you’ll come through.

And so we send these words your way, composed for you alone.
Our true appreciation this, our THANK YOU in a poem.
We pray the year ahead will bring your family happiness
And may you always know that we with you are ever blessed.

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