Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Doesn't it seem that a technology UPDATE is almost a daily occurance, especially if you have more than one device?  I know that every time I get the update warning, I mean alert, first, I dread the thought and then I'm asked when I prefer the update to be performed.  Funny, that never is not one of my choices.
Maybe you don't feel the same as I do but, I swear, every time an update occurs, everything changes. The last one totally changed everything and I can't retrieve my long lost triumphs because I can't remember how I did what I did.  Well,  let's put it this way, another UPDATE is on the horizon & the saga continues.

By Patty Lynn

You'd think when you hear “UPDATE", it's quite a special thing,
Much like such words as “much improved”, it has a has a lovely ring…
That conjures up a positive, a confident improvement.
But then what comes is nothing grand, it's called your disillusement...

And yet it's part and parcel of technology’s good intentions.
Or are they really good for you, their motives I would question…
Because, my friend, let's face the facts, your “update" is a headache
You have no choice, it has to be, a pain it is, for gosh sakes.

They tell you that your life will be so much, so much the better,
This UPDATE will improve your life, you'll live your life unfettered.
But really they have changed the things I painstakingly arranged
And now when I just open things the whole thing now is changed!

A year ago I figured out the way to add a photo,
For you so easy but for me like scoring on a free throw.
I couldn't even tell you all the steps it took to do it.
(That's why I was upset that my new UPDATE made me lose it.)

I wish that I could just forgo the UPDATE altogether,
Leave well enough alone and merely stay the same forever.
But I know that it's just that way, technology's always changing.
You finally have things like you want then an UPDATE rearranges…

Eliminates, replaces everything you’ve worked till perfect
And now you're stuck, yes, this is it, prepare to have it so wrecked!
For now I'm done and I give up, the UPDATE syndrome wins.
Just mark my words, before too long a new UPDATE begins.

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